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What Happens When Voting Doesn't Work Anymore?

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A very interesting and frank presentation.


Here's the problem: it is true, as old Bismarck said, that all of the great questions facing mankind, are settled not by parliamentary majorities, but by blood and iron.


But: that iron has to be borne, and the blood shed, by people.  If the majority of people in the US want to destroy the Republic -- and it appears to me that we are headed in that way -- then the

minority has got a problem: what do we do? 


Now no one knows the future --- there are an infinite number of possible variants, and the exact course of events in the US will depend in part on events OUTSIDE of the US: if the world economy crashes and the US descends into a deep economic depression, that's going to have a big effect. If a rising China inflicts a humiliating military defeat on the US, that too will have an effect.  A second 9/11 could occur. We don't know.


But here's one thing you can be sure of: an armed minority in the US will not be able to somehow change the minds of the emerging majority, not even with bullets.

It won't even be able to convince the majority to leave it alone.  Your children WILL be subject to the rapidly-growing trends in the education system to normalize out-of-the-normal sexual behavior. They WILL be taught that America is a racist country with a terrible history of oppression, and that whites have 'white privilege'. There WILL be transgender company commanders in the Marine Corps. The Supreme Court as currently constituted can slow down some of this stuff, but it will eventually be staffed by progressives -- or even 'packed' by the next progressive president. We WILL be on the road to becoming a blend of Zimbabwe and Venezuela.


So long as the Progressive Left move along accepted political lines, they will retain democratic legitimacy in the eyes of most Americans.  Anyone who tries to undertake some sort of armed rebellion against an elected government, will find that the armed bodies of the state -- the police and epecially the military -- will remain loyal. And a few tens of thousands of milita members will NOT be able to defeat the 82nd Aireborne.


So what to do?  Of course, keep training, and above all, keep growing.


But we must be gentle as doves and wise as serpents. We have to win over the broad middle of the country, at least to a position of neutrality.  This has many aspects -- it will be necessary to repel the White Supremacist Right and/or to win some of their base to true American principles. It will be necessary to repel the crazies (most of whom will be provocateurs anyway). It will be necessary to show that the militia is not just a bunch of people with guns but is a logical embodiment of an original American principle: local self-reliance,  preparing for any sort of emergency: natural, or man-made.


But .. what should the aim of the militia movement be, if, as the author of this video suggests -- and I believe he's right -- that we will NOT change the transformation of America into something else, alien?


If you think about it, there is only one answer, as radical as it is: peaceful separation into two new countries.


I know this sounds crazy. It sounds crazy to me!   But ... is there any other way to preserve the values upon which the Republic was founded? If so, I would love to hear about it.


But if we assume this is the only course, then certain things follow: we must begin to explore all the complexities involved : legal, economic, pragmatic.  Many of the objections one thinks of first are actually not that big a deal. I won't go into details here,. 


The only REAL obstacle is that, at the moment, the great majority of Americans would think that it's a crazy, impossible idea. So that has to be changed: if the spearation of the US into two new states -- roughly, a 'Red' America and a 'Blue' one ever happens, it will ONLY happen if the majority of Americans  -- of those who vote, and their representatives -- are willing to allow it.


There are ways to make progress towards that goal, which I won't go into here now. (This post is already too long). But a KEY idea, which cannot be stgressed too much -- but which needs to be stressed especially on sites like this -- is that the proposed separation is one which should be LEGAL, PEACEFUL, and ORDERLY -- an 'amicable divorce', with full guarantees for the rights an dproperty and well being of everyone, including 'Blue Americans' who remain in the new 'Red State America' and vice versa.  Threats of violence, irresponsible speculation about 'civil war',  fantasizing about guerilla war by would-be Rambos -- will do inestimable damage to the cause, which requires, critically, the acceptance, even if reluctant, of the majority of the nation.


At the same time, two points:  (1) a determined people will not remain unarmed, and (2) there are things which are done, and not said; and there are things which are said and not done.

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I also believe that a separation into two countries may be the best solution.  As long as we keep a good chunk of the gulf coast and Great Lakes ports so our trade via sea can't be cut off we should be just fine.  The constitutionalist part of the country already raises most of the food.  Plus no reason we can't trade with the new border country(ies) either, a ton of wheat for a ton of trade goods and material...  😉  

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The left will never allow for a peaceful separation.  If they do... it will only be temporary.  They would immediately begin every effort possible to undermine and infiltrate just as they have already here and elsewhere.  Communism is a virus and it has infected the whole world.  Our nation is infected whether or not anyone in the mainstream wants to admit it.  


The question is whether or not we can ride it or if it kills us.  It's hard to predict the future... stats and demographics only tell us so much.  


The fact that people in liberal states can look out their window, see homeless heroin addicts sitting feces on their street and go pull a blue lever at election times tells you how brain-dead the political left have become in many places.  If they aren't awake now, they never will be.  The fact that California after all these years of tyranny still votes solidly blue is evidence of how powerful communist and socialist indoctrination is.   



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Doug1943....... I used to think like much of what you say back in the mid 90's , until I finally realized that the financial elite just will not allow it to be so . They want , nay , NEED to control this country whole or at least have it to be such a huge monetary windfall to see it split up.


Now with that in mind if you where to just think that handing over dominion to Leftist Strongholds which tend for the most part on our coasts , including the Great Lakes without the rest of the supporting state to go along with it then that would be great for them , but not for us as those are the port cities to which most of the manufactured goods in this country flow out of today , hence making them in part so wealthy.

The Left would have us in a stranglehold . On the flip side one could argue just the opposite . Now you have a deadlocked situation or importing/exporting trade agreements , thus continuing the enrichment of their Leftist Edens.

Also what your not addressing is that now the Soviet States of America will be free to make agreements with foreign nations for military aid and assistance . We could easily have Chinese troops permanently stationed to former USA military bases and running their warships along the coast line of any said West-Coast Leftist Safe Place.

How about Russian and Iranian warships , aircraft and drones buzzing along the East-Coast only to turn around when they hit New Hampshire  waters and continue on down to what , Virginia Beach ? Before making the run again ?

How about Florida ? Cuban/Mexican/ Venezuela/ ??? / troops there also ?


The only way that it would work , and only until they ran out of supplies , would be to relocate them to interior states and lock those areas down , along with very restricted Treaty regulations . Yeah , they won't go for that , it'll mean that they get less free shit and the means to support said FREE SHIT SYSTEM , pardon me ...... "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" System . Which is completely unsustainable as they no longer have the means and brain trust to do so. So they eat their own until they are no more.


Communists are the Bloodsucking lamprey's of any civilized society .


I know because I was born and raised in Chicagoland , my father was a factory union leader , a line ticket voting Democrat , avowed Socialist who dreamed of being a Communist  but he "loved" his money too much to be one full-time . I was raised around his meetings of rebellion and resistance . I know of what I speak of and of the inner thinking of people like he was . I started to reject it all at about 10-years old when I started working more summer jobs and did not relish the idea of forfeiting the monitory rewards of my labor to others that chose not to put forth the same effort. It just made an already bad situation even worse , until the day that I heard that he had died , six-months or so from the day that he did .


These people cannot be reasoned with because they already live in a fantasy world .


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