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We've known for a while that the justice system has been infiltrated and corrupted for communist political ends.  The jury was stacked against Roger and the Judge is an ardent leftist appointed by Obama.  He was gagged from speaking to the media.  The courtroom was hostile to him.  It's possible that he is guilty of what he was accused of doing.  I can't say without seeing the evidence.


Everything going on goes to demonstrate why they are trying to hard to disarm us.  We the people are the last thing in their way.  They have the media, the courts, thugs in the streets, a flow of future voters coming across the borders, and unelected bureaucrats throughout D.C. being funded by Soros to carry out his bidding.  


Gotta encourage folks to look at Beck's Hydra video on Ukraine.  What happened to Stone is because of the work that Soros and the Fabian Socialists have been doing through NGO's and the State Department for quite some time.  


Trump is a stop-gap.  He's buying us time.  We've all discovered that we nor he can 'drain' the swamp.  It's too deep, too entrenched, and far too emboldened and protected.  They have been exposed to a great deal of light.  For three years the crimes of the communists have gone untouched while patriots are being thrown in jail for fake crimes.  


Hell, Hillary was running as a moderate democrat in 2016.  She's been caught on film recently pushing the same crap as all the socialists - universal income, wealth re-distribution, carbon taxes, and so on and so forth.  She was lying in 2016 and is cut from the same cloth as Bernie and every other covert or exposed Commie in the government.  


It's frustrating... but, as usual... the prominent voices talking and exposing all of these things won't be bold and say enough is enough.  They're all saying the same things we've said for years.  Keep voting, keep conversing, keep writing letters, rally here and protest there.  Here's the problem.  Our elected officials either end up betraying us or are powerless against the powers beneath the surface in the government.  You can't vote this problem away.  The communists and socialists haven't changed their minds yet... they aren't going to.  You can't vote the Fed away.  You can't vote the State Department away.  You can't vote corruption in agencies away.  We're seeing once again what happens when you try to mess with the machine in D.C.  Sadly, being dragged through impeachment proceedings is a slap on the wrist compared to what these power hungry thugs can actually do.   



Remain steadfast brothers.  I guess we're waiting until we can see the whites of their eyes.  



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