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Mentalities - Poll 6

Mentalities - Poll 6  

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  1. 1. If you could have picked a Generation to have been born in which would it be? Please Tell Us Why?

    • 1900-1925
    • 1925-1950
    • 1950-1975
    • 1975-2000
    • 2000-2025
    • 2025-2050

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I picked  1900-1925, "Times were simpler then" didn't have to pay income Tax yet,property taxes. you could still open carry in Most states.People left you alone unless you did them wrong pretty much...land was cheap. police left you alone unless you were cause'n trouble...Queers stayed in the closet and it was still illegal to be a sodomite.children didn't need supervision when they went out and played...Eat'n supper together as a Family still ment something, God was a very important part of a family 's lifestyle unlike today... People actually got together because they liked too,Phones weren't Mobile, unlike today everybody's look'n down at there phones instead of face to face conversate'n...Men did mens work and women did womens work the wife was a homemaker and the husband was the only bread winner needed  to take care of his family finacially,The wife raised the children through the week and dad raised'em on the weekends to give mom some rest...Children wern't ~codeled~( allowed to be Pussies) back then Boy or Girl..."Life was simpler and clearly defined Then"...

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