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Todd A. Slee


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     I've  been tinkering with non-Google apps, and I'm  liking the results.

     Fdroid is limited on how many apps they have available, but there are many open source app stores besides.

     Uptodown.com is an open source repository, but still linked to Google somehow, in that you have to sign in, far as I've  seen. However, the open source guys build their apps, not Google, and they have far less code than the actual Google Play apps.

     I tried 'Exodus Privacy' app, which shows what permissions and accesses apps have, and the Google Playstore app has permissions which nothing should need. 

     There is all kinds of good open source stuff, and I'm  getting into it. For those of you who are unaware, open source is the Linux breed, not Microsoft.

     In 2009, Microsoft had 1 million known bugs, Linux had 100. And the best hackers and security guys use Linux. Not as intuitive, but far better. I've  used Ubuntu (Linux line) for years, and really like it, but it's  not as easy to install things as Microsoft.

     I dual boot Windows with Ubuntu, and when I freeze the Windows, crash, what have you, I restart into Ubuntu, let it load, then restart into Windows, no more problems usually, Ubuntu fixes it automatically. If not, you can use Ubuntu to go into the Windows programs to fix things.

     You can buy a blank hard drive, intall an os from Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, Redhat, etc, and intall apps to do everything a Windows computer will do, for free. Some things in Linux aren't  free, but most are.

     While in college, 2012-14, I used Apache Open Office, instead of Microsoft Word, does exactly the same thing, free basic version plenty sufficient. I wrote my book with Apache, sent it, they converted it to M Word, no problems.

     Another good source for stuff is Github, if you're  Linux or programmer inclined. If you can use Termux, or Microsoft Terminal, you can use Github.

     Linux is to the computer world what Donald Trump is to the politics-as-usual farce, not that I don't  like Microsoft stuff, too, but Linux is way more freedom.

     Whew! That was a near teeth gritting mouthful!

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     In case some are unaware, you can buy a smartphone or computer with cash, do a prepaid on phone or Linux os on comp, use a cover name, and remain anonymous. They can track you, but as long as you're  not stealing or doing anything genuinely illegal (defined by Constitutional laws, not the facade created by Libs), you should be okay. Many legitimate reasons to do so these days.


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