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     This is an issue which seems off topic to tactics, and should be, but instead hits near the bullseye concerning root of problems.

     For decades, the CIA and other intelligence entities have been experimenting not only with mind control, but with what is termed "remote viewing", or "channeling".

     Christian believers who study Biblical things out know, or can know, that remote viewing amounts to divination and sorcery, the antithesis of and counterfeit for, the spirit of prophecy.

     Unbelievers and skeptics can easily deduce, in secular ways, the ramifications of such tactics, especially considering that some FBI agents are cross trained as CIA operatives, some police officers attend FBI courses, informants are taught various methodologies, and all entities have multitudes of other human sources of information.

     This is just the very tip of the iceberg here, but remember that the same God who created all things, also devised systems in nature, and provided minds with which to think for self. That said, it is key to recall a law of science, "to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction".

     One main way by which this is relevant to tactics is this: personnel are being taught false ways, with deeply spiritual connotations, for example, astrology, part of divination. Though divination can reveal some truths, it spews mostly falsehoods, and always with ulterior motive. So we have scores of people, by virtue of various concepts affecting training directives, who are imagining things good to be bad, ie, Patriotic and Christian virtues, and thus conjuring up supposed reasobs to quench what is truly right. Just one example.


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