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     After nearly 3 years of hoping the CIA would correct some government corruption, watching a repeat pattern of some years back, my confidence in our government is finally all gone.

     I'd  advised them repeatedly about rogues they have, whom are the cause of undermined, legitimate investigations and the root source of the beginnings of anarchial realms, to seemingly no avail.

     This is what I just sent them. I'm  thru with 'em, waste of time:


     "I believe you people have some loose cannons running around , some very nefarious ones. I'd  suggest they be apprehended and dealt with.
     I do not like some things I've been seeing, and hints I've  been hearing thru the grapevine.
     I do not work for you people, nor for any of your cohorts, nor will I. The CIA, or any other government, or civilian, entity, has ANY say in what I do with my time. I claim all of my Constitutional and Civil Rights.
     I undertook that operation we started, operationally, in 2017, of my own accord, and wasn't  even afforded the decency of any real contact from any of you. Yet, all of the miscreants obtained all sorts of confidential information, likely being employed/utilized by your own abjects, misusing data and running wild.
     Further, this home south of South Whitley is mine, as is my dog training and security research business and related assets, not the government's.
     The exact same things, identical patterns, have occurred this time, as happened starting in 1995, the undermining of legitimate investigations and innocent lives of good citizens. And it all points to the CIA, which has been verified previously by at least the FBI. But this time, I had my ducks in a row, and scores of civilians and other government entities have observed, investigated and documented. The CIA's pants have fell down.
     I would suggest not trying to abduct me. My final, and so far standing, orders from the FBI are to not allow myself to be abducted, under any circumstance, and to react to threats, spoken or otherwise, in one way only. With or without orders, I will so do. And many of us are watching you.

     Good day."

     Stupid f_____.  



     Note: the militias would agree with what they were supposed to be doing: thwarting government corruption in the DOJ and law enforcement. I'm  done being left holding the bag. I've  got dogs to train and research to do. Semper Liberi!

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     I'd  intreated them for some time to rein in their loose cannons, but it got out of hand, covertly, at some point.

     I note also that up to now, our greatest weapon against government corruption is exposing them by keeping others informed, ie, the First Amendment.

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