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Any Rod and Gun Clubs in your area?

Any gun shops?

Anything in the Classified Ads in your local paper?

Any hangouts known for 'outdoors" type people?

Any "conservative" clubs? (local chapter of the NRA, GOA etc.)

Any kind of neighborhood watch?

Any friends from work, church or school?

Any Veteran's Organizations: DAV, VFW, American Legion, AMVETS etc.?


It looks like you may have to be the "founder" of any group...  Once established, you can always choose a more qualified leader.  You might start your search at a YouTube or Facebook page, where somebody might know somebody in your locality.  Keep in mind you don't have to start out with making a Militia unit... it might just be a few guys who are concerned about the overall situation and want to make their voices heard.  Maybe start with a City Council/Town Board/ Town Hall meeting and see who stands up to make a statement on some local policy or other.


In liberal areas, the minority conservatives tend to keep their heads down and go un-noticed, but I'll bet a nickel there are lots of people who are concerned citizens, just like you, who are seeking a way to connect with others.  The key is finding them.

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Takeitback, I read your entry and we first must look at Certain Realities about "Certain Group" Activity on LI. (1) Given The Political Climate on LI, advertising in Anyway, Shape, and/or Fashion would "Place 1" on a "Watch List".  I don't know in which County that you reside,but, in the County in which I reside(Suffolk); we do have Folks who do adhere to The Constitution.  Having said that I'll say this; Suffolk County is an Old Historic Place where there was a "Hotbed" of activity during The Revolutionary War, it is the Home of William Floyd,The Purdy's,and Ketcham Families. Granted, a whole has changed since The Revolutionary War, Demographics have changed and we are for the most part a "Transient Community", and as such are exposed to a lot of differing Political Opinions.  The next time that there is a "Show" at "Electricians Hall"(If you are a Member of NRA,or NYR&P you can find out when) that is The Place where you can under Intelligent Tone ask The Questions that you have. (2) Even for sake of argument 1 could develop a "Group".  Where would You Train? The Parks for the most part are closed; we are in a"Post 9/11" Area, which means 1 would have to have a "Letter of Understanding" with The Appropriate Authorities.  (3) LI has NYS Reserve Units, and by "Federal Protocol(s) is under The Jurisdiction of both The USA & USAF a fact in and of itself would "Prohibit" Activities not covered by Title 10, NYS has a SDF, and as such would not Welcome Any Activity not covered under Title 10.  If you are Serious about your Endeavors I suggest that You go about things through already established Means of Community Participation(Block Association(s)&the like) FEMA has Certification Programs (CERT), 1 can start there and achieve 1's intent without being on a "Watch List".

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@Takeitback101; there are Militias in NY, the problem is that everything is limited on what you can and can not do in NY. Militias are marked as Terrorist/ Organized Crime Groups due to the Cowardly Power Hungry Elite. @Calvin Champion Woods has made a great point. The best thing to do is find a Team in Upstate NY Cause it is more Country and has the training capabilities that the City does not have. Just remember that you will be on the Elites Radar so what ever you do, play it smart. Moving in Silence and being unseen and unknown works in your favor and it protects you and your Family. Being Loud and Visual makes you an easy target for the Elite

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Author of the topic Posted

Thanks , Great Courage.

I know how to play it at this point just as I long what the Parameters are. 

My limitations. Etc.

This was a big help and makes sense to me judging by what part of the country your in. What meetings do you attend?

If you want to chat with me more discrete , let me know, and I will give you my email or cell. Thanks again ,. Mike


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