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Liberty or Death

If you think you cannot support the cause; age, physically unable, life status etc.

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My fellow patriots,


I'd like to cavate this message with two clarifications; I am not asking for money (or anything else), and this is not a call to arms, yet.


These are proving to be tough times.  We're all well aware of that.  Although we're hopeful that the unconstitutional "laws" proposed will not be passed and further lead us down this path towards a conflict, it is looking more and more like a conflict may be inevitable.  


That said, I'm hearing lots of people say that they wish they knew how they could help, and go on to say that they're either too old to fight, have a family challenge like being a single parent, do not have the financial resources necessary, struggle with a physical ailment, or etc.  This post is meant for these patriots who want to help but have specific and real challenges that may stand in their way.


First, we're not in a conflict yet.  There is much we can do from writing letters to law makers, calling law makers, joining groups such as VA Citizens Defense League (VCDL), Gun owners of America (GOA), Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) or even the NRA.  You can travel to Richmond on January 20th 2020 to lobby against these laws by showing support and standing against the initiatives of the VA general assembly.  Assuming these efforts are futile and an armed conflict does arrive, I can assure you that your patriotic services are still absolutely necessary.


The old adage "an army marches on its stomach" still holds true today.  Should an armed conflict arise there will be a vitally important support network necessary for our patriots in harms way.  These men and women will need beds to sleep in, food to eat, water to drink, supplies restocked and etc.  Perhaps you have a room available with a bed a soldier could sleep in while gaining necessary rest.  Perhaps another patriot has the financial means to stock this room with supplies but does not have a room to offer.  Another person looking to help may be able to convey messages home or check on soldiers families to ensure their needs are being met.  If nothing else being available to listen to someone under stress is invaluable.  Someone who can lend and ear without asking too many questions would go a very long way.  We all have something to offer in support of our constitution and sacred Bill of Rights.  The questions isn't "if" you can help; it's "how" you can help.


Below is a list of supplies/support services our patriots on the front lines will need should it come to that.  I urge anyone to add to this list as it is not all encompassing.  I'm writing this message on the fly and hope our community will pitch in with other ideas I've missed.  No matter what level of skill you have in life, military service, law enforcement, survival and etc., we're all new to this type of situation and will need each other support and creativity should things escalate.



Clean drinking water

Food/snacks (high calorie)

Medical supplies


Clothing, including boots, hats, gloves

Laundry service

Armory services/maintenance/repair

Transportation of people

Transportation of supplies

Sewing and garment repair services

Warm beds

Communications support (letters home, checking on family, updates on local news, etc).

Reassurance and emotional support 


Obviously we're all hoping we'll never find ourselves in a position to need these types of patriotic services.  But it is a very real possibility.  The intent of this message is to get patriots who feel like they cannot help simply thinking creatively.  


God Bless you all.  Please pray for peace, but also prepare to stand firm.

God Bless the United States of America and the principals we stand for.




- Liberty or Death

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Any "armed conflict" within the foreseeable future -- the next few years -- will result in our defeat. At this stage, it's winning hearts and minds -- and training training training and growing the militia movement. 


On what people not able to take part in combat can do.  Militias should actually give some thought to giving concrete organizational expression to this: that is, they should think about -- within the limits of what is actually possible for them -- forming THREE kinds of auxiliary groups, which can serve as Force Multipliers.


(1)  'Reserves': in the Civil War, men who were not up to the rigors of 20-mile-a-day marches in full field gear for day after day, were used as "fortress troops".  A seventy-year old may not be able to low-crawl under barbed wire any more, but he -- or she! -- camped out on a roof top with three or four similar people, in radio contact with a platoon leader, armed -- ideally including one good rifle with a telescopic sight -- can play a critical role in area denial. They can provide covering fire for an advancing element. They can be the first element in a perimeter defense. They can add the appearance of numbers to a distant enemy who cannot distinguish 70-year olds (dye your hair!) from 35 year olds.


(2) 'Support': Every real army has a logistic tail. Ideally, every militia unit should have a medical detachment, an engineering detachment, a supplies detachment, a transport detachment, a comms detachment, and so on.  These people can be just as organized and trained as the people with rifles.  There is an organized role for everyone. And don't forget couriers and scouts. A 12-year old may be able to go where adults cannot. Someone who is a ham radio operator, who is a patriot but who isn't able -- perhaps for family reasons -- to deploy for training, ought to have some way of lending his expertise to a militia unit.


(3) 'Mass Organizations': Most important of all at the moment would be 'mass organizations': organizations which are pro-militia, which anyone can join, which carry out functions which are congruent to those of a militia. They can be stepping stones for people hesitant to leap into full membership, even of a non-combat arm of the militia. For example, a civilian emergency rescue team, or some patriotic equivalent to the Brownies and Cubs/ Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.  A Patriots Social Club. A Patriots Bridge Club.  A Patriots Homeschooling group, which could also serve as a counter-indoctrinatin group for kids who have to attend government schools. A fund-raising charity. An equivalent to 'Habitat for Humanity', which helps American workers who have seen their jobs exported to China.  Ideally -- I know this is a lot at the moment -- the militia movement should be embedded in several 'mass organizations', surrounded by concentric organized layers of people who are friendly to the militia but who for whatever reason are not able to make a serious committment either to the 'reserves' or the 'logistics' elements of it.

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