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Ryan McMicken

Patriot Defense Force, Virginia chapter

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If you are in Virgina and looking to join up with a group send a message email to the Patriot Defense Force, we are all over and no matter how far you are from people we can work something out so everyone can get trained up and start networking. 


We are a group that currently is networking with other chapters of the PDF as far West as North Dakota. We just began here in the state of Virgina and are looking for active people who are willing to go from citizen to soldier as soon as needed and defend your home and neighbors.


Send an email to PATRIOTDEFENSEFORCE@GMAIL.COM or visit one of the below links and they can get you going on the process.






We are not an extremist group or organization, we are not anti government and we are not anti law enforcement. The United States Patriot Defense Force is a defense organization/group that supports law enforcement and supports the United sates. But is ready at a moment's notice in the event of a "SHTF" Event no matter what is it. We train and prepare for all events to the best of our ability and strive to have a safe and professional environment for all of our members and any other groups or organizations training with us. Our goal is to have active members and active groups in all 50 states with the same goals and procedures. We look forward to meeting and training with new Patriots!!


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