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IFAK vs AFAK vs MFAK: Medical Kit Overview and Comparison

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Still a better option to build your own versus buying these. The IFAK has some items that I would use if I had to but there are better choices available when building your own. The AFAK is more on point with the CAT tourniquet. For tourniquets “one is none, two is one.” Add another tourniquet to the AFAK. Unwrap and stage those tourniquets To be ready, DO NOT LEAVE THEM SEALED!!! 

I picked up some Rexall brand bandages called shower shields. They are a water proof non vented bandage (which is important, so they will require burping) for $2 on sale I’ve added 8 chest seals or wound covers to my first aid inventory. 

Note I already have North American Rescue Hyfin chest seals in my kit but for someone that’s on a budget or someone that’s going to VA soon and doesn’t have a set of chest seals these would absolutely be a usable item. One for entry check for exit and place one there as well. 

The MFAK is what I have built for myself. As I said above unwrap and stage those tourniquets. Better yet use black hair ties or simple rubber bands to attach them to the outside of the kit so you can grab them instantly and apply them. 

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It's often cheaper to build kits yourself but sometimes the convenience is worth it to many people to buy a good commercial kit to start with.  Then you can add things to the kit(s) as you see fit or find a need for.  AR 500 Armor has some stock kits also, I felt the stock kits from Spartan Armor looked to be a little better in contents.

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