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New World Order Series - Discussion and Concept Intro Video

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I've been floating the idea of doing a game project in Unreal Engine 4 to put into motion all the facts surrounding current events.  The game would be a Battle Field Style Game with various investigative, military aspects.  I'd be aiming for a small series,  Watch the first 1 minute of the into video to see how I would introduce the theme at the beginning.  Most the people play games of some type, generally first person shooters, I'd like to throw in a combination of Myst, with Battle Field.  Ideas are open to public as this would go on Patreon, and I'd like to do this in conjunction with My Militia.  Main character ideas are open to public, do it from a Military Perspective, give options to choosing from what perspective you play, Military, CIA, NSA, Police, FBI, or just a plain old civilian?  Just do one perspective?  Like opinion on music and video footage already done.  Obviously want to scale down Soro's a bit.



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7 minutes ago, fixer said:


I thought so.  I won't engage in something like this without help though, or support.  I can do the models pretty quick and I have plenty of textures I have done to fit the bill.  Open to ideas, suggestions, what you think is interesting.  Also, I think it would be a good way to get My Militia out there if you would back it I would throw it in the credit sequence.  Just think Battle Field Series with Myst and a few other things thrown in there.


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10 minutes ago, fixer said:

your talking huge production teams with excess of 100 employees 

Nah, not if you break it up into series.  I already have all the production tools, substance, speed tree for Unreal, textures, blender, adobe.  Unreal Engine 4 makes city editing and bounds editing pretty easy.  Just focus on parts, dialogue, pull some of you guys in for voice overs.  Animation is pretty straight forward in FPS, Walk, Run, Crouch, Weapon Fire and Reload.


FPS are perfect just for that reason, very capable to do without a huge production team. I just did a 1 minute video like this in 1 hour.  Unreal Engine 4 handles the physics for the most part.  Some menus done with after effects, explosions, some VFX.  Mainly building models, barrels, crates, vehicles, those are the time consumers.  The code is straight forward, general FPS and I have a collection of slap together code for that.


OH yeah, I have the Full iCone Studio with CC3, Exporter, iClone Animation, 3D Exchange Pipeline.  I also have Magnificent Designer for Clothing.  Have Uniforms and stuff done pretty quick.

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