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Hey all,


Patriot and nationalist here.


I originally joined as I wanted to do more research into local militias and become part of something greater than myself, have those I can rely on and rally together with.

In today's environment with more radical socialism, propaganda, encroachment of attempted abolishment of our god given rights,  and anti-American views on the rise I feel it's more important now so more than ever that we the people put our foot down and uphold the constitution, our sovereignty, and way of life. 


I do not have any formal military training but I'm quite good with my rifle and side arm.

My motto has been to always be prepared and pray you never need it, rather than find yourself in a dire situation where you need it and are without it.



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Even if there is not a militia group near you, you might find that in your state there are state-wide exercises in the summer.

And if you keep up with developments, say via this discussion board, you can learn a lot. We've got military manuals you can download, for example, and vets, including combat vets, you can ask questions of.


A serious militia unit will consist of more than just riflemen. It will need engineers  (in the military sense: electricians, construction) , transport, medical, logistics. Someone who is an auto mechanic, for example, or an electrician, has an invaluable skill potentially.  We don't know what the future will bring, including natural distasters, which every militia unit will hopefully be involved in helping with. 

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