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Hi everyone. Just a little about me. I am a retired IT Project Manager. I live in Coldwater MI but am originally from the St Louis MO area.  I have worked in Search & Rescue before and am an Air Force Vet from Vietnam era although I was never in country.

I am a Trump supporter and like many of you grit my teeth through 8 years of our wonderful country being betrayed and sold out by the Muslim in Charge. I currently am working hard through a Facebook and Liberty Rush page to bring awareness to the cancer that is US Voter Fraud. US Voter Fraud. Just Stop is the name on both sites. 


I may be somewhat limited in physical movement but my mi d and my heart have always been deeply embedded in this country and will be until I die. 

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Welcome to the forum.  Don't worry about age or any degradation of capabilities.  There are places in the militia for everyone.  We can always use help with training, repairing gear and equipment, reloading, help preserving food, caring for injured, etc..  As a fellow veteran you know how large logistics are compared to trigger pullers.  Good luck in finding a unit worthy of your help.

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Welcome, Ray!

As one oldie (76) to another, let me say that for what we need to do now, and for the next several years, age is actually an advantage!


Not just because we are wiser than these youngsters of 35 or 40, but because most of them have to earn a living and raise a family. They might be able to take off a weekend here and there to train, but at the moment what we desperately need are people who can sit at a keyboard several hours a week to take advantage of the opportunities to reach people that the internet allows us.


There are a dozen things we need to do now.  Here's an example: about half of Americans don't vote. This is especially true among young people.  There are probably ten million people with sound political instincts -- natural patriots -- who will not vote in November.


Can we reach some of them and get them to register and vote?  I think there may be some things we can do,  just be sitting for half an hour a day at our keyboards.  


Similarly ... there are a lot of publications on-line today, which allow their internet 'readers' to make comments after each article.  With some preparation, a few dozen or -- a dream for the future -- a couple of hundred, well-prepared patriots could intervene in these on-line conversations, to defend and talk up the militia movement.   There is a lot of ignorance about it, even among patriots.  The Southern Poverty Law center and their minions in the mass media have succeeded in making us look like crazy people who are getting ready to go out into the streets and shoot people.  This false narrative can be taken head on and defeated.  But it takes some organization and preparation to do it.


That's just two examples.  There are others. 


So welcome aboard, and perhaps you will find a place among the rowers as we drive the ship forward.



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