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Gregory Perry

A cautionary tale for January 20, 2020

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I definitely appreciate the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. But I believe - and can readily prove with plain facts and evidence - that the Second Amendment is literally one of the final aspects of the U.S. Constitution that has yet to be completely dismantled. This correspondence is a word of warning that all of your rights, privileges, benefits, and immunities that you think you can call upon to defend the Second Amendment and any prosecution that ensues in Richmond Virginia next week as a result are completely moot. As in, there is no U.S. Constitution remaining and your temporary ability to bear arms and peacefully assemble will soon be coming to an end, no different than China, or North Korea, or any other garbage banana republic such as what the United States of America now represents.


The majority of the following long-winded chronology happened in the Richmond Virginia area.


I have three children, a boy and two younger girls. In 2007 while at my wife's mother's house in Florida for Thanksgiving break, we were looking for a movie to watch and happened across an unlabeled VHS video tape which contained beastiality pornography. Females performing sex acts on what appeared to be an anteater or some other type of exotic animal. I hit the roof and forbid my wife from allowing our children any further unsupervised contact with her mother and step-father.


In 2009 I started to notice indicators of sexual abuse with our middle daughter; I suspected it was my wife's mother and step father that were the culprits based on the discovery of beastiality pornography in their residence. I took my children to my folks house up north to figure out what to do, and spoke with a doctor at my parents' church who advised me to have a forensic interview conducted with my daughter to determine what, if anything, had happened to her.


I called five or six psychologists in my home area, they all had the same response. In order to have a forensic psychologist interview conducted - on my own nickel and with a private psychologist - that I would have to have a referral from state child protective services. I made a call to CPS and gave them the whole story, stating that I needed a referral for a forensic psychologist interview. The intake officer on the phone promised me she would get back in touch before 5PM with the referral. No phone call back in return.


I started to get concerned, then packed up the kids and drove back to our house down south all night long. I got back to our house at probably 7:30AM, put the kids to bed, then took a shower. About 8:15AM or so there is a banging on the front door, CPS is there with two sheriffs in tow demanding immediate access to all three children without either my wife or myself present for whatever questions they may have had for our children, otherwise they were going to immediately take all three children into custody. After a 20 minute interview with our children, the CPS officer then stated that they found no indicators of sexual abuse, that the investigation would be closed, and no forensic psychologist interview would be granted in the matter. My wife was unaware that I had called CPS, obviously that was a huge meltdown after CPS left our residence.


I spent the following weeks administratively appealing the CPS decision, to no avail. The CPS officer's supervisor, then the supervisor above that both denied my request. When I bring up the beastiality pornography, they all state that beastiality pornography is not illegal, that looking at pornography is a protected First Amendment issue, at which point I make arrangements to move our family up to Virginia where we had previously resided to get out of the State of Florida. We moved to Spotsylvania, Snow Hill.


A few months after we had settled, I found a legal retainer agreement on our office printer that my wife had inadvertently forgotten to pick up. She was attempting to retain an attorney, Kevin D. Astl, to represent her and the children in a Florida proceeding to gain full custody. I confronted her about it, she said her mother had given her the guy's name etc. This attorney was a drummer for a heavy metal band with the lead singer for Cannibal Corpse; to put things into perspective, our son prior to moving to VA had been enrolled first at Bayshore Christian in Tampa then St. Petersburg Christian School in St. Petersburg Florida.


All of the usual domestic issues start; my wife was Stage IIb metastatic breast cancer and I didn't want to leave her, just tried to hold things together. I ended up losing my company at which point we had to move to Montpelier, to a property my wife had found next to the Hollows Golf Course there in Hanover County. I started working on a second company and pulled things together again.


In August 2010 I took the family on an Alaskan cruise. We were buying the house from an older fellow that lived in the same neighborhood. Prior to leaving, I installed three surveillance cameras inside the house, I had a bunch of expensive computer equipment I wanted to protect. When we got back from the cruise, it was apparent someone had been in the house, I though we had been burglarized. I called the Hanover County Sheriff, who was present with my while I was reviewing the in-house video surveillance records which then showed that the owner of the house had gained access using a spare garage clicker (I had re-keyed the entire house when we moved in). All through the day and night the owner of the house and other unknown individuals were entering and exiting the house, the owner was searching through our garage and attempted entry into our Honda Pilot parked in the garage, then removed at least one item according to the videos. The owner of the house then discovered the camera on the third level, then went and pulled power to the entire house in the garage to stop any further video recording. The Hanover Sheriff asked me if he had permission to be in the house (we weren't renting but actually purchasing the house), I said no, he then gave me the option to press felony burglary charges. Wife flipped out, we are buying this house you aren't having him arrested etc. So I opted to not press charges but didn't let the owner know that I had the other two camera's worth of surveillance records.


Thanksgiving 2010, the wife's mother drives up the step-father's GMC sport utility vehicle, then gifts it to my wife title-in-hand, only in her name (we only had a single family vehicle, her mother said she wanted to help out). 14 days before Christmas 2010, the wife ceremoniously parks the family Honda Pilot in the garage, tosses a bunch of clothing to be donated to Goodwill in the trash can, then sets it all on fire resulting in a two alarm fire that destroys half of the house. Everything I own in the garage is destroyed including our family vehicle, almost all of my company equipment destroyed. All insurance claims are then denied with exception to a payoff of the Honda Pilot loan and Kubota mower loan. Based on the intensity of the fire, and the fact that the fire occurred in the exact same area as where I had video surveillance of the house owner digging through my possessions, I keep the fire damaged area sealed and request for the Hanover fire marshal to conduct accelerants testing. He refuses. I then hire a company, Rimkus Consulting, out of pocket to conduct accelerants testing in the fire damaged areas. After taking my retainer and agreeing to perform gas chromotography accelerants testing, a few days later they refund a partial retainer and state they can no longer participate in the case. I take this into the federal Eastern District a few months later via a removal proceeding because I believe its arson. Henry "Ruby Ridge" Hudson assigns himself the case, then dismisses the whole thing.


We move again, this time right outside of Richmond in the Chesterfield area, Midlothian. The wife now has the only vehicle, and only in her name. My second company tanks, I am completely stuck with zero options at that point. The wife's mother and grandmother come up for 2011 Thanksgiving, and gives our middle daughter a present of Smurfette panties. At the time that Katy Perry Smurfs movie is playing in the theatre. A few weeks later, our middle daughter is in the bath and needs panties, I go get her a pair from her chester drawers, it's one of the Smurfette panties that the wife's mother had purchased and there is a crisp $10 bill wrapped up in it.


For Christmas that year we buy our son an Android phone. Right before Christmas, the wife says her Galaxy 3 isn't working anymore. I ask her why, she says she has no idea. I bring it in to a repair shop, they open it up and look at the moisture indicators inside which turn pink when wet; all three are blown so the phone has been dropped in and fully submerged in water. The wife then takes the son's birthday present and starts using it as her own phone.


A week or so later I hear a buzz in the mud area in the house. On top of the dryer is my wife's gym bag. I look inside a dig through the side pockets, there is a brand new Galaxy 4 that she had on vibrate. So nightly I start to pull the memory card from her hidden Galaxy 4 (she's still using our son's phone, acting like she doesn't have another way to call), find out she's having an affair with a co-worker. I continue to watch her over the following weeks, at which point there are sexually suggestive photos of both our middle daughter and youngest daughter, as well as her co-worker posting pictures of our youngest daughter on Facebook which I didn't allow for safety reasons.


I then initiate three separate CPS proceedings there in Midlothian VA, which the intake officer each and every time says will be jointly initiated with the State of Florida. All three investigations are closed without action whatsoever. As in, there is not even a record of the complaints having been filed.


In March 2013 I go to my wife's work and wait in the lobby. Her paramour steps off the elevator with a buddy, I get in his face, he knows exactly who I am and I tell him what's up then punched him in the face twice and kicked him once when he fell down. No weapon, simple assault.


So here is the part about the U.S. Constitution, and the common delusion that there actually is any aspect of it left.


The next day a SWAT team shows up and surrounds my house after I picked the girls up from school. I am arrested on a Category 3 shooting/stabbing offense, Malicious Wounding (to put this into perspective, in the Commonwealth of Virginia forcible sodomy is a lesser Category 4 felony offense). I am arraigned, they ask me if I need an appointment of counsel, I decline counsel as I will get my own private attorney once I bail out. The court then documents that as a Sixth Amendment waiver of my right to counsel, then denies any bond based upon the Category 3 offense at behest of prosecutor Shawn A. Gobble. I am then moved to privately owned Riverside Regional Jail Facility (RRJ).


Within two weeks I start bleeding rectally and can't have a bowel movement. RRJ, privately owned, denies my request for medical attention. Another two weeks later it becomes a total small bowel obstruction, they finally allow me to be rushed to the ER where they determine that a 1.5 section of my small bowel has collapsed due to necrotic gangrene. On a side note, at RRJ the milk is donated from VA Department of Corrections, and it's not pasteurized (there are no pasteurization facilities at VA DOC where they raise the dairy cattle). I have to have a 1.5 foot section of my small bowel removed, they then take me back to RRJ and put me back in general population with staples all up the front of my stomach. I am cleaning my incision with toilet paper and jailhouse water, no antiobotics or wound care provided for weeks thereafter.


I continue to lose weight and bleed rectally. While at RRJ I administratively exhausted probably 100 grievances, with no treatment other than laxatives. When I was arrested in March 2013 I was physically fit and weighed exactly 200 pounds. In June 2013 I have to be rushed to the ER again with a second total bowel obstruction, at that point I then weighed 126 pounds. When I saw myself in the hospital mirror all I could do was laugh, it was so absurd.


I don't have an attorney and can't hire one because I am being held without bail and can't sell anything or work. I finally figure out how to file pleadings and hand write my motion for discovery and call for exculpatory evidence, the court (Judge David E. Johnson) pulls me in for a "second arraignment" proceeding and asks me if I need an attorney. I say yes, I have been asking over and over again for an appointment of counsel, they appoint attorney Charles Homiller. After Homiller's appointment, he does not accept any calls from me, does not visit, does not respond to a single letter I send, for three months. My trial is set for December 2013.


After three months no call no show, and without ever having talked or corresponded with him a single time, I fire Homiller and go before Judge David E. Johnson again. He appoints a replacement attorney Noel Brooks. I meet with him once for about 45 minutes, he says he will be preparing for the jury trial which is now set down for February 10, 2014.


Less than one week before my scheduled jury trial, I get pulled from RRJ for an unscheduled court hearing. It's my second attorney who called the hearing, he states to David E. Johnson he has an unspecified conflict of interest and asks to resign from my representation. Johnson asks me what I want, I say absolutely no way can he resign, the jury trial is on February 10 and there is no way I can get another attorney before then. At my objection on the record, Johnson still allows my attorney to resign, and then denies my request for an appointment of counsel as well.


The following week I then get sent to a jury trial without the assistance of counsel, while wearing a prison jumpsuit, and with less than a week to prepare for a charge that is equivalent to attempted murder and which carries a 10 year minimum mandatory prison sentence. Prosecutor Shawn Gobble provides no discovery. Actually I take that back, he mails the discovery materials the day before my jury trial so that I get everything about a week after the jury trial is over. This entire time, I have not been provided with even a copy of the indictment against me, even at the jury trial. Just verbal that I was charged with a category 3 malicious wounding charge. I tell the jury I do not under any circumstance want to represent myself, at which point the judge then gags me from any further talk about my legal representation. So now, when I need it the most, my First Amendment right to free speech has been literally gagged, and I am standing in front of a jury with my you-know-what in my hand while wearing a prison jumpsuit, and the jury now thinks that I am some loony who wants to represent himself with the old adage of "a fool for a client". I am facing a minimum mandatory 10 year prison sentence due to the Category 3 offense. No plea bargain offer, nothing but you must take this to a jury trial without an attorney.


Prosecutor Gobble grandstands before the jury about the brutality of the offense, that I beat senseless a guy on the ground with 10 - 15 blows from my bare fist - apparently while his buddy stood there and did nothing - literally a prosecution that my hands are dangerous weapons actionable under VA's malicious wounding shooting/stabbing statute. He presents evidence of damages which are CT scans of the wife's boyfriend, stating that I crushed his eye socket.


Even so, the jury acquits on the primary offense of malicious wounding, but convicts on the lesser included offense of unlawful wounding instead of simple assault as Prosecutor Gobble has removed from the VA model jury instructions the instruction for simple assault. I admitted to punching the boyfriend, my defense was that it was not a shooting stabbing therefore only simple assault would lie. I get 3.5 years in the VA penitentiary.


I appeal everything all the way up. Court of Appeals of Virginia, Virginia Supreme Court, habeas to the Eastern District Court of Virginia, all the way up to the federal Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. Denied on every single ground including Sixth Amendment deprivation of right to counsel. That can't happen, right? Ask anyone around you, "can you be charged with a crime then denied an attorney" and every single person will errrouneously answer that "they can't do that" but I promise you they can and routinely do. This entire time I have been filing habeas petitions with the Eastern District Court of Virginia - you know, that black and white part of the U.S. Constitution that says "[t]he privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it". Meaningless drivel. Each and every filing gets cherrypicked off the docket by Judge Liam O'Grady - who is in the Northern Virginia division of the court, nowhere near Richmond VA - and then dismissed. Each and every one of them. Even after I send him a letter the day they let my attorney resign. So much for federal checks and balances.


During my appeals, all of the medical evidence used to obtain a conviction under VA's shooting / stabbing statute went missing. I filed a motion to correct the record, Prosecutor Gobble admits to having destroyed the sole medical evidence used to convict me under VA's maiming statute. Just simply removed it from the court record after having labeled it as an exhibit, published it to the jury, and got a 3.5 year VADOC penitentiary sentence with. Gone, no more medical evidence, prosecutor admits using it to convict, admits removing it from the record, who cares. 


This entire time I have been bleeding rectally at RRJ. The third emergency surgery happens two weeks after the jury trial when I weighed 126 pounds, I still have major complications but they ship me off to VADOC anyway. I hit the prison gates weighing about 140 pounds which is not a good thing from a personal safety perspective.


About a year after I am in VADOC, they finally approve a colonoscopy. Like clockwork, it comes back positive for malignant colorectal cancer, a 5.1cm tumor has been growing in my large colon this entire time. I have to have 1/3 of my large bowel removed then. VADOC then denies any radiation treatment or chemotherapy. The most recent statistics for metastatic colorectal cancer is a less than 15% chance of survival within five years.


While I am in prison my wife has been filing divorce proceedings. I agree to an uncontested divorce while @ VADOC, she gets to keep the 401K, all marital assets, all of my company property, everything. My only requirement is 50/50 physical custody of our children once I am released, which she agrees to during depositions and which is codified in the final order with attached deposition transcript.

I get out of VADOC in 2016, the ex-wife wants to get back together again, I am not interested at all. The ex-wife then prevents me from telephonic communications with our children, I was living in VA with my sister at the time, driving a delivery truck to save up money to start a new company. I save enough to move back to Florida, to exercise my 50/50 custody rights.


About two weeks after I move back to Florida, the ex-wife passes away at her mom's house in Tampa. Same house where we discovered the beastiality pornography, same mother and step-father I had filed at least four separate DCF/CPS complaints about with zero action. But no worries, in the State of Florida, even though I already have a 50/50 physical custody agreement to enforce, there is also this: Fla. Stat. § 744.301(1) (“f one parent dies, the surviving parent remains the sole natural guardian even if he or she remarries.”). So there is not even a matter of custody anymore, all I have to do is go pick up my three children from the ex-in-laws and take them home.


I bring my custody agreement and a reprint of Fla. Stat. § 744.301(1) to the in-laws house. This is after I called and left messages for the ex-in-laws, they don't respond, so I don't have any option but to go there physically with a sheriff and pick up my children. I wait for the sheriff who I called, he shows up and takes my paperwork and then goes and talks to the ex-in-laws. About 10 minutes later the Hillsborough County Sheriff says "we don't get involved in family matters" and then leaves.


The next day, the in-laws then file a Chapter 751 child abandonment proceeding in the 13th Judicial Circuit in and for Hillsborough County, alleging I abandoned my kids. The court grants the petition and then terminates my parental rights, even after I hire not one but two separate top tier firms in Tampa. Over $50K in legal expenses, zero results.


We had a million dollar life insurance policy that I maintained over the years. When the ex-wife passed away, her mother and step-father based on the Chapter 751 termination of parental rights order were then able to collect the proceeds of that policy ($500,000) as well as all of our marital assets, all of my company assets, and social security benefits of $4,000/month. When I go to the Social Security Administration now, the people behind the counter will not even talk to me about my own three blood-and-flesh children. They are no longer my children.


I sued and sued and sued and sued, in the Commonwealth of Virginia, in the Eastern District of Virginia, clearly articulated 42 U.S.C. Section 1983 complaints. Every federal complaint dismissed by Liam O'Grady, and with the state lawsuits dismissed by a judge who is a shareholder in RRJ (as almost all local circuit court judges are). See, the regional jail statute in Virginia provides for a private "jail services provider" that exists behind each regional jail operation. A private, for profit company that all of the local judges own municipal bonds in. When you file suit in the state against a regional jail, you get assigned a judge who is literally a shareholder in the private jail corporation. So RRJ, even though it was a private jail facility, was then awarded sovereign immunity and with all of my claims dismissed, despite countless Supreme Court of Virginia holdings to the opposite (Jane v. Jane, intentional torts are not protected by sovereign immunity etc).


At the end of it, one singular lawsuit stuck. A jailhouse lawsuit I filed against my insurance provider SAFECO, who had denied my replacement vehicle complaint for the burned Honda Pilot parked in the garage. That case got removed to .... you guessed it, the Eastern District Court of Virginia. I won summary judgement which is almost impossible to do. The court then contacted me and asked me if I would like an appointment of counsel, for settlement negotiations. Ok sure, I'll take it. They appoint Elizabeth Turner, Esq. Who then proceeds to collect information about the case, what evidence I have to prove my case at trial, all under the auspice of "settlement negotiations". What she was doing, actually, was breaching the attorney client privilege by providing all of that information to opposing counsel, such as the diminished value claim assessment I had paid for out of pocket during the claims process, and which I was no longer in possession of after being thrown in prison without bail and all of that.


So I attend a settlement conference, SAFECO wants to settle settle settle. My attorney Elizabeth Turner disappears with opposing counsel. I'm in the downtown Richmond VA federal courthouse, right outside of chambers for the magistrate assigned to the case, Judge David J. Novak. So after about an hour, my attorney walks back in and says, you should settle this, they are offering $5,000. Judge Novak then calls me into his chambers, and my attorney - when I need her the most - disappears. So it's me and Judge Novak in his chambers, nobody else. He tells me, they've made you a decent offer and you need to take it. I ask him, wait a minute here, SAFECO has just refused to turn over the claim file from the original claims process which included my diminished value claim - the only thing I needed to defeat their second MSJ to make it to a jury trial. Novak gives me the zero circle sign with his hands and says, that means absolutely nothing, you're gonna lose this. Take the settlement. We then make light talk about the case, he asks me where the fire took place, I tell him in Hanover County in the Hollows Golf Course community, he says "hey that's a great course". We shake hands and I leave.


So I take the $5K and run with it, doesn't even cover my costs of litigation, hotel and travel expenses back and forth between Florida and Virginia.


But wait, it gets better. So a couple of months ago, I do some public records research for the house that we were buying, can't even remember why. I pull all of the property ownership records in the area, including the owner of the house Abraham Kulynych who lived just a block away from me. I accidentally pull Abraham's next door neighbor's house. Which is owned by this federal judge David J. Novak. Within two weeks, all of those property records then changed to different ownership - at least two houses in the neighborhood were owned by Novak. As in, this federal judge who I just sat across the desk from in his chambers - and who now has been awarded lifetime federal tenure by Trump in being appointed to the bench as a formal federal judge - owned at least one house that I could see from our front porch where we were living but said not a single thing about it during the settlement conference. Novak playing some 007 game probably, I doubt Abraham Kulynych was a real person in the first place and the ease with which he was able to change those property records likely indicates that the ex-wife moved us into some federal surveillance house for the sole purpose of setting it on fire and killing my company.


In addition, at the settlement conference, my attorney Elizabeth Turner also lets it drop that she was Henry "Ruby Ridge" Hudson's clerk before she went into private practice as well.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


$50K in legal fees later and nothing has changed. Everything ripped apart and destroyed, all three children literally abducted by the state. I did file an injunction, the text of which is attached below, and which was denied by the Tampa court. In all state and federal judiciaries, there is zero system of accountability. If you win at the appellate level (like I did at the Fourth Circuit), the simply remand it back to the federal trial court, who then dismisses the entire thing all over again after you've already paid a $500 filing fee for the trial court and a $500 filing fee for the appeal. You can't win it, no matter how powerful and perfect your argument may be. They'll just wear you out with litigation and fees. And if you think that In Forma Pauperis filings will do the trick? Nada. The fed has sua sponte dismissal authority for pro se filings that are IFP (poor and can't pay). Take a look at what Judge Payne did with my IFP filings in the Eastern District Court. I made a showing of indigency (I was sleeping on my sisters couch driving a delivery truck), but because I had "earning potential" or whatever, Payne dismissed all of my IFP filings as well.


So, if ya'll have any wise ideas about "rising up" and starting some revolution here in the U.S.A., the foregoing is what ya got coming.


Some cases if you want to look at the public record:



Case Nos.: 18-DR-009194, 18-DR-012415, 19-CC-054762


Federal PACER Eastern District:

Perry v. SAFECO, No. 3:2016cv00323

Perry v. Correct Care Solutions, LLC et al 1:2017cv00586


Federal PACER Fourth Circuit:


Gregory Perry v. Harold Clarke, 18-6518 (4th Cir. 2018)


So, what's the moral to the story?


That all of your rights, privileges, benefits, and immunities guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution have already been completely dismantled, and you are wasting your time on this polished pile of fecal matter masquerading as a country.




1) The attorney representing my childrens' interests is... Kevin D. Astl, the death metal drummer referred to the ex-wife by the mother-in-law back in 2010.


2) Oh yeah, before I forget. There are no records in Florida of any DCF complaints being filed with exception to the first complaint back in 2010; on that case, I am listed as the suspect and with zero mention of the mother-in-law and step-father-in-law.


3) The ex-wife died in June 2018, just a few weeks after I moved back to Tampa to exercise my 50/50 physical custody rights. At the time of her death, she had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear for a traffic infraction under https://hover.hillsclerk.com Case No.: 17-TR-129794. On September 5, 2018, someone appeared at the clerk's office downtown, then paid off in cash all of her outstanding traffic fines and her $90 license reinstatement fee.




Good luck on the 20th gents




Z.P., and
Petitioners Case No.:
PURSUANT TO Rule 1.610 of the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, Petitioner
GREGORY PERRY files his emergency application for issuance of a temporary injunction on
behalf of his three minor children J.P., Z.P., and N.P., on basis of the following:
1. Petitioner Gregory Perry is the natural biological father and sole guardian of the three minor
children referenced herein whom are currently residing with Respondents JACK
2. As early as 2010 the Petitioner had formally initiated at least two (2) investigations with the
Florida Department of Children and Families Child Protective Services (“Florida DCF”)
against Respondents JACK BLACKMAR and JANE BLACKMAR, based upon a) the
Petitioner’s discovery of homemade beastiality pornography at the said ... address, 
the very same address where the three children have now been
temporarily committed under Blackmar v. Perry, Case No.: 18-DR-009194; b) Petitioner’s
belief that Respondent JACK BLACKMAR had been having one or both the Petitioner’s
daughters fetch a circa 1800s pocket watch from his pocket; c) Petitioner’s discovery of a
$10 bill wrapped up in the middle daughter’s “Smurfette” panties that Respondent JANE
BLACKMAR had purchased for her; d) allegations that Respondent JANE BLACKMAR
and her daughter ... had negligently entrusted the Petitioner’s son into the
unsupervised custody and control of ... at his apartment in Orlando
Florida, followed by the said individual then passing away of a methadone overdose in the
weeks that followed after being found dead in that same apartment, surrounded with drugs
and drug paraphernalia; e) Petitioner’s discovery of a hidden Samsung Galaxy S4 cellular
phone that then-wife Valoree Perry had been using to conduct an affair with at least one
coworker, to send “upskirt” photos to Respondent JACK BLACKMAR, and to take sexually
suggestive photos of the Petitioner’s two young daughters; f) Petitioner’s observation of both
Respondents JACK BLACKMAR and JANE BLACKMAR referring to themselves using the
petnames “Boo Boo” and “Da” while Hepatitis-positive Respondent JACK BLACKMAR
tickled the Petitioner’s youngest daughter with a cut finger adorned with a SpongeBob
SquarePants BandAid; g) Petitioner directly observing Respondent JACK BLACKMAR
watching a fully nude sex scene on cable television in front of the Respondent’s three
children during a Thanksgiving Day holiday; h) Petitioner directly observing a pistol within
reach of the children in the garage area of Respondents JACK BLACKMAR and JANE
BLACKMAR where the children frequently played; i) ...;

 j) the general knowledge in the family that Christee Bond, also a resident of the
house located at ... had stated to other family
members that she had as a teenager been awoken in the middle of the night by Respondent
JACK BLACKMAR sitting on her bed and masturbating; and k) Petitioner’s belief that the
ex-wife with Respondents JACK BLACKMAR and JANE BLACKMAR had been taking the
children to Clearwater Beach during the summer months to attend a weeklong adult
alternative lifestyle party organized by Respondent KEVIN D. ASTL.
3. Any marginally competent parent given just one of these scenarios detailed herein would
have reason to call on Florida DCF for an investigation, however as of the date of this
pleading Florida DCF has failed or refused to initiate a meaningful investigation into any of
the foregoing.
4. During those investigations, the Petitioner had repeatedly sought to obtain from Florida DCF
a referral for a forensic psychologist interview with his daughters, at the Petitioner’s expense,
to determine if any indicators of abuse were present in either of the daughters; all such
requests for a simple forensic psychologist interview referral from Florida DCF have been
denied after the Petitioner had exhausted all possible administrative appellate review.
5. On May 28, 2018, ex-wife Valoree Perry passed away unexpectedly, followed by her’s and
the Petitioner’s $500,000.00 USD life insurance proceeds – the childrens’ inheritance - then
apparently being disbursed to Respondents JACK BLACKMAR and JANE BLACKMAR.
6. Shortly thereafter Respondents JACK BLACKMAR and JANE BLACKMAR then
represented themselves as the childrens’ parents at the Social Security Administration and
apparently have now become the exclusive recipients of Valoree Perry and the childrens’
monthly SSI benefits, estimated at approximately $4,000.00 USD per month. The
BLACKMAR Respondents have more than ample financial motive to continue their
roughshod campaign of vexatious litigation, and it is incumbent upon the Court to protect the
rights and property of the children in enjoining these Respondents from any further exercise
of legal authority on behalf of the three children as relates to their mother’s estate.
7. After learning of Valoree Perry’s passing, on or about June 1, 2018 the Petitioner attempted
to pick up his three children by way of attempted scheduling with Respondent JANE
BLACKMAR via SMS text messaging. The Petitioner received no response to his text
message request to coordinate calendars with the BLACKMAR Respondents as the sole
remaining guardian for the children under the clear and unambiguous requirements of Fla.
Stat. § 744.301(1) (“f one parent dies, the surviving parent remains the sole natural
guardian even if he or she remarries.”).
8. On June 11, 2018, the Petitioner once again attempted to pick up his children and exercise
full control over his children as their sole remaining legal guardian, this time by driving with
a witness to the BLACKMAR Respondents’ house with a Hillsborough County Sheriff
Deputy; it should be noted that both the Petitioner and his witness directly observed
Petitioner J.P. exiting a vehicle on the property and then walking in to the house. After a few
minutes of back and forth with the attending sheriff, the Petitioner was then told that “the
Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office doesn’t get involved in family matters”, at which point
he and his witness exited the property.
9. The next day on June 12, 2018, the BLACKMAR Respondents brought their Verified
Emergency or Expedited Petition for Concurrent Custody or Temporary Custody,
fraudulently alleging with their sworn testimony at ¶ 6 thereto that the Petitioner was still
subject to three (3) permanent protective orders against him in Virginia, and by intentionally
omitting the Order Dissolving Protective Order that issued from the Chesterfield County
Virginia Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court on May 4, 2015 when “by
agreement of the parties” those protective Orders had been dissolved.
10. After granting their Petition, the BLACKMAR Respondents were then directed by the Court
on June 13, 2018 to “…serve a copy of this Order, the Petition, and the UCCJEA Affidavit
upon Respondent [PERRY] and docket proof of service with the Court within seventy-two
(72) hours of service” (Case No.: 18-DR-009194, Dkt. 11 at ¶ H).
11. The Petitioners thereto by counsel then proceeded to allege service on Respondent
GREGORY PERRY by way of process server in Virginia, despite his well-known address of
residence in Tampa Florida, and with zero UCCJEA affidavit filed in the matter as of the
date of the instant proceeding nor any proof of service until the Petitioner’s former lawyer
accepted service on his behalf without client permission for the same. The failure to provide
the Court with the UCCJEA affidavit deprives the court of subject matter jurisdiction and
renders the custody provisions of the final judgment unenforceable. See Ruble v. Raymond,
So.2d 150, No. 2D03-3251 (Fla. 2d DCA 2004) citing to Kochinsky v. Moore, 698 So.2d 397
(Fla. 4th DCA 1997) (holding that compliance with the affidavit requirements of the UCCJA
is mandatory). "The filing of the affidavit after the entry of the order does not cure the
jurisdictional defect created." Id. at 399. Without that affidavit, the husband in Ruble did not
obtain an enforceable order, and the entire proceeding under 18-DR-009194 continues in a
complete absence of jurisdiction as the result.
12. Upon information and belief and also as a result of the fraudulent temporary custody Order
entered under Blackmar v. Perry, Case No.: 18-DR-009194, Respondent JANE
BLACKMAR is now also in the process of changing the children’s last name to either
Blackmar or some permutation thereto, a gross abuse of the temporary legal rights afforded
by the Statute and an outrageous violation of the Petitioner’s right to supervise and raise his
own children by whatever lawful standard he deems appropriate.
Petitioner seeks a temporary injunction enjoining the BLACKMAR Respondents from
any further contact with the Petitioner’s three minor children due to the sexual abuse,
negligent entrustment, and potential for exposure to beastiality pornography allegations
herein related to the BLACKMAR Respondents;
Petitioner seeks a temporary injunction enjoining the BLACKMAR Respondents from
any further exposure of the children to their Clearwater Beach time share, and from any
further contact with Respondent KEVIN D. ASTL;
Petitioner seeks a temporary injunction enjoining the BLACKMAR Respondents from
any further nudist or nude displays in front of the Petitioner’s children, of themselves or of
any other person, and from exposing them to any possible element associated with the adult
“swinger” and/or nudist lifestyles;
Petitioner seeks a temporary injunction enjoining the BLACKMAR Respondents from
allowing the children to have any further contact with ... due to the
negligent entrustment... allegations referenced herein;
Petitioner seeks a temporary injunction enjoining the BLACKMAR Respondents from
any further possession of a firearm while exercising any type of custody or control over the
children due to the firearm-related allegations herein;
Petitioner seeks a temporary injunction enjoining Respondent JACK BLACKMAR from
any further intimate physical contact with any of the children due to the Hepititis allegations
referenced herein, and to adhere to medical industry best practices as to the sharing of
contaminated food and/or eating and drinking receptacles;
Petitioner seeks a temporary injunction enjoining the BLACKMAR Respondents from
any further control over the Petitioner and ex-wife’s $500,000.00 USD life insurance policy
Petitioner seeks a temporary injunction enjoining the BLACKMAR Respondents from
any further receipt of Social Security Administration benefits on behalf of the children;
Petitioner seeks a temporary injujnction enjoining the BLACKMAR Respondents from
removing the children from Hillsborough County;
Petitioner seeks a temporary injunction enjoining the BLACKMAR Respondents from
making any legal actions whatsoever on behalf of the children beyond emergency medical
care decisions, and to specifically enjoin the BLACKMAR Respondents from changing any
of the childrens’ names; and,
Petitioner seeks a temporary injunction enjoining Respondent JACK BLACKMAR from
any acts of masturbation near any of the Petitioner’s three minor children.
WHEREFORE the Petitioner respectfully files his application for an injunction on an
emergency basis with the Court for the reasons and points of authority herein cited, and for
any and other such further relief that the Court deems just and proper.
Respectfully submitted this 15th day of November, 2018.
Gregory Perry, Petitioner Pro Se
I HEREBY CERTIFY that a true copy of the foregoing Petition was mailed to Jack and
Jane Blackmar, address ... and to Kevin D. Astl, 2418
Cypress Glen Drive, Wesley Chapel, FL 33544 on this 16th day of November, 2018.
Gregory Perry
BEFORE ME, the undersigned Notary, on this 9th day of November, 2018, personally
appeared before me Gregory Perry, who being by me first duly sworn, on his oath, deposes and
I have read the contents of the foregoing legal pleading, and the facts and circumsta

Edited by Gregory Perry

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