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Matt In West Virginia

VIDEO: US special operations just purchased Sig Sauer’s new machine gun – here’s what it can do

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The Sig Sauer MG 338 machine gun. (Sig Sauer/Released)



The U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) has completed its safety certifications of Sig Sauer’s latest machine gun offering, the MG 338, and has begun purchasing the weapons systems.


In a press release, the firearms company confirmed it had passed the certifications and delivered the first of its machine guns to the U.S. military’s elite military command on Wednesday. The new machine gun is touted as a lightweight new weapon that can bridge the gap between the U.S. military’s current M240 (7.62x51cal) medium machine guns and its Browning M2 (.50cal) heavy machine guns.


Click the video below to watch:



The MG 338 was approved along with Sig Sauer’s new .338 Norma Mag Ammunition and a new suppressor system. According to Sig Sauer, the certifications represent the first time in decades that the U.S. military has approved a  new machine gun, ammunition and suppressor at the same time.


“For the first time in decades the U.S. military certified a new machine gun, ammunition, and suppressor at the same time, bringing new innovation, portability, and increased lethality to our ground forces, with all components coming from one company,” said Sig Sauer President and CEO Ron Cohen.



The Sig Sauer MG 338 with its folding stock extended. (Sig Sauer/Released)



Among its features, the MG 338 also touts a significant weight reduction to the M240, coming in at only 20 pounds. On top of its M240 predecessor, Sig Sauer claims the MG 338 has increased range the .338 ammunition can deliver greater lethality. The MG 338 touts an effective range of 2,000 meters, a distance of over 1.2 miles.


The weapon’s proprietary recoil mitigation system, and free-floating barrel are meant to further assist the accuracy of the weapon, while reducing the fatigue a user may experience from heavy and repeated weapon recoil.


The new machine gun is also designed with ambidextrous controls, allowing both right-handed and left-handed users to easily operate the weapons system. Further, the machine gun has a quick change barrel, allowing operators to easily remove a damaged or overheated barrel.

The machine gun also has a built-in folding stock.



Sig Sauer MG 338 with its folding stock collapsed. (Sig Sauer/Released)



The new suppressor system, described by Sig Sauer as the Next Generation Suppressor, “drastically reduces the impact of harmful toxic fumes and signature, making the operator less vulnerable.”


Sig Sauer won another U.S. military contract in 2017, to produce the Modular Handgun System. The 10-year, $580 million U.S. Army handgun contract conferred Sig Sauer the right to produce the services’ replacements for its existing Beretta M9 pistols.


Article online here. 


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Author of the topic Posted
10 hours ago, LetFreedomRing said:

I want one!


I swear... Before I scrolled down and saw your reply, I was going to make a post saying the same thing, lol. I want one too!

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While Sig has clinched, at least, the LMG contract, the NGSW contract is still open, though Sig is DEFINITELY the front runner. They recently won the contract for the SOCOM SURG program, which was not highly publicized. It was a submission for an integrally suppressed upper for the M4. Sig's entry was a MCX Virtus upper, in FDE, with a direct thread can, with a screw on basketweave heat shield.even though, unlike the other uppers, it wasn't truly an integrally suppressed upper, because the upper was tuned to run with the can, and it was shielded, with a taper mount system, it got picked up. In my opinion, some of the other systems were better.....but the Sig is decent. With the win on the MHS, LMG, and SURG, they are the favored pony in the NGSW race. Also, their 6.8mm brass/steel hybrid cartridge is the LEAST radical new cartridge design, and with the abject failure of polymer cased ammo in 2006(the new stuff is MUCH better, but the military tends to remain skeptical of things, even after they have been fixed), I think that that is what they will go with, ESPECIALLY since it can be produced by almost any ammunition manufacturer, meaning that they can accept multiple source bids, rather than single source fulfilment contracts. I was surprised, with the cozy relationship Sig has with the DoD, lately, that the MPX didn't win the SMG competition for the Army. The APC-9 is the Ferrari of subguns, though, I think the B&T TP9 might've been a more compact, better choice, for the stated role. Anyhow, I've talked to a lot of my buddies, still in 2-75, and elsewhere in USASOC, and they LOVE the M-338. They especially love the new sight that rapidly corrects for range, to give you a shooting solution, and improve first round hit probability. A few of my buddies have said that the accuracy is almost sniper rifle like! It's also about the same weight as a M-249(though the ammo is still much heavier), so carrying it is WAAAAY easier than the M-240B, and easier even than the M-240L! It's about comparable to the Mk-48, but far more reliable, robust, and accurate, so despite the ammo being heavier even than 7.62 NATO, the fire you put down is more effective and accurate, especially in conjunction with the sighting system Sig developed for it. I think this LMG blurs the lines between a LMG, a SAW, and a DMR, and it gives troops in the field a LOT more options, especially when engaging at long ranges.


"SIG SAUER MG 338 Machine Gun: It costs 400,000 dollars to fire this weapon... for 12 seconds" LOL

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Author of the topic Posted
2 hours ago, DawyneB said:

One can only imagine how much a civilian variant of this would cost. Not just to own but in ammo it can gobble up. This has found it's way on my wish list of firearms i might one maybe one day. 


I agree. I totally want one.

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