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4Y Army, 2Y Militia "Would you like to know more?"

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Active duty military combat vet, 1 deployment. Time as squad Sgt in local militia. These experiences have given me valuable insight.


I'm looking to stream line militia training & logistics to make it more efficient & productive. Looking to chat with leaders & others to gain further information & good practices. Please contact if your group is doing something well & would like to share.


my life is around the freedom of 3 things;

protection of natural God given rights, otherwise we are slaves

good health, otherwise we may not be able to act physically or mentally

financial freedom, otherwise we are entangled by debt & lack


my main gig is natural healthcare (not CBD) so feel free to contact me in that respect as well.

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Here's an idea for you:  we can go to various sites, including this one, and download tons and tons of information -- Field Manuals, eBooks, documents by the hundred ... on everything from how to deal with a sucking chest wound, to what to take to minimize damage from the radiation from fallout, to how to make a night firing card for the machine gun .... you name it. Not just stuff from the military, but from Civil Defense, Homeland Security ... dozens of sources.


The problem is, where to start.


So... wouldn't it be good if, on each of the main important topics -- we had a single document, made up by reading all the others and digesting the information there, and writing from the point of view of a militia unit in a SHTF situation, getting the input of people with experience in each area -- such as yourself --  and then putting these documents out as PDF/ePub files, for free.   Lots of the available stuff -- especially some of the Army Field Manuals -- are common sense and repetitive.  Some of the information in the Civil Defense material assumes you can get on the phone and get an ambulance. Most of the first aid information is not really oriented to combat wounds.  We could sort all that out and produce something useful -- with refernces for people who wanted to read further.


Just an idea.  But I think that in the hundreds of militia units scattered around North America, there are probably lots of specialists in this or that, whose knowledge and experience is limited to their own group.  A set of documents -- and maybe YouTube/Vimeo vidoes -- could make it available to everyone.

You can get a lot further in life with a kind word and a gun, than with a kind word alone.

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