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Modern Leftist Brainwashed Teacher Indoctrinating Students

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"The 46-year-old teacher, who instructs at the Tokata Learning Center, an alternative high school in Shakopee, Minnesota, and who is an LGBTQ activist, was on the sidelines to be recognized by the state’s educational establishment.

Holstine, who claims the pronouns “she/her” on her Twitter account, proudly announced her protest against Trump during the championship game, adding a photo showing her act of protest.

“Honored as State Teachers of the Year at NCAA Champ FB Game. Given platform to stand up for marginalized and oppressed people. Like many before, I respectfully kneeled during Nat’ l Anthem because, ‘No one is free until we are all free,'” she tweeted on Monday, adding the hashtags #imwithkap, #blacklivesmatter, and #LGBTQ."


Yes... the dame has the right to perform her little act but to what extent is she passing her beliefs on too her students?


Folks... a few years back I did a mid-life career change. VERY ABBREVIATED:  Grabbed teaching certificate. Substitutes can teach all grades and all subjects and work at multiple schools and school districts. K-12 grades. Saw a lot... of leftist PC crap. Experience anti-blue collar worker and anti-military bias among many teachers. Stopped eating lunch in the teacher's break room; ate in the student cafeteria. Three years was all I could stand. Left in disgust. Saw a LOT of leftist indoctrination. Administrators did not stop it. USA K-12 educations costs many BILLIONS of dollars and much of it is wasted. A HUGE SCAM!!!


Complicated topic with many ramifications. Not surprised that CAIR is using K-12 public schools as a way to indoctrinate young easily-influenced minds.


Beware, patriots. Things in general are far worse than what the mainstream media portrays. Those traitors will not harm their own efforts by shoing We, the Poeple the evil they are forcing upon us.

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