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Tactical Counter Offensive Data

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     A posting I read the other day, in response to a posting of mine, prompted me to write this.

     Anyone in the region which the Peru, In State Police post covers may be interested in this, or to use as a partial model to create defense if not.

     That post has been corrupt for years, since at least 1985, resorting to all sorts of underhanded tactics, including frame jobs, lying to people's families, running illegal/unconstitutional fronts which are little more than entrapment schemes and use of bullying tactics.

     Here's a list of things I recall off the top of my head, all verified years ago by FBI:

     1985-asked me if I was interested in being a state cop, same thing they ask most or many vets after discharge from military. I respectfully declined, later one told me they were'nt taking no for an answer, same thing Army told me about turning down West Point. I've stayed firm;

     1985-Tried to make me participate in sting operation continuance against Richard Dickerhoff, Mentone, In and, along with FBI, tried blaming/charging Dickerhoff with possessing two Cummins 300 Magnum engines which were not stolen, and may have changed serial number plates later. They also ran what may have been an off the records drug smuggling operation. I quit Dickerhoff Trucking right after the raid, so unsure about some details.

     1986-ordered Rod Haupert and I off of Okie Penokie trails, where we off roaded, with owner's permission, personally. We remained. Something very amiss, even bizarre, went on back there, which was covered up;

     Rod and I blamed for torching the old alleged devil worshipper's house of worship. It was the cops who burnt it, another friend* of ours having helped, who told us;

     1986-called my Dad and told him I was dealing drugs, a complete fabricated lie, I wasn't even using any, and have never bought or sold drugs, except pot a few times prior to then; a year prior, when I was smoking a little with friends, they knew every time we sat back there and partied;

      1986-used an informant to attempt to be able to charge me with failure to yield, but I beat the charge, having subpeoned the informant;

     1987-discovered that they were standing on church people to inform for them, using visits to spread the Gospel as a guise; some got on with them and do yet today, though in ways other than social calls for the church, far as I know;

     1992-laughed and scoffed when I reported having been ambushed a night or two before by armed assailants; 

     1992-was buzzed by a helicopter, June 1992, in residence in Miami County, In, and fired upon by occupants, late one night, returned fire to passenger bay and tail rotor, was likely State Police, possibly in response to refusing to let same friend* use my place in country as a drug running hub, and likely in conjunction with the illicit "constitution" group that I, a couple of cops, and the FBI investigated in 90s, which was linked directly with a gun and drug running operation based in Harrogate, TN, which trucking company owner had two assassins at his disposal, my same friend having worked for that trucking company in 1991 and prior; the whole thing was sponsored by CIA, overseen by Tennessee state cops.

     2000-had two female, blonde, short informants, twins I think, poison one of my dogs, an excellent tracker, could find anything;

     2006-FBI of Colorado Springs, CO began relaying case info to Indiana State Police, Peru, In, but they began misusing it, greatly after a time, discrediting original investigators and giving credit to dupes of their own choosing.

     More case info here: https://www.sleesecurity.com/case-outline.html







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     Learning what occurs, how it occurs and possibly why it occurs, is key to creating strategies.

     Concerning these issues, most of it was covered up for a time, likely for the same type of reason that CENTAC was said to have been dismantled, in James Mills' book ',The Underground Empire: Where Government and Crime Embrace': that organization of the DEA was ready to conduct a major drug smuggling sting against, I think it was Haiti, but the U.S. Dept. of State stopped them. Why? Because it would have undermined the receiving of military intelligence on countries around it, from Haiti, or whichever country it was.

    So, what they did, was to leave the garbage in the house, providing all the mice and rats with food, letting the neighbor across the way to keep putting garbage in the house, in exchange for information about what other neighbors are doing.

     In item 4 of the following link to the National Archives, the CENTAC entity is mentioned, maybe elsewhere ( I just looked it up), and many operations against drugs are listed and briefly outlined:



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