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Daniel Adams

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I've recently been reading books on 'extreme' political movements in the US over the last fifty years -- the ones that caught the eye of law enforcement because they, like, blew things up and killed people: the Weathermen, the Black Liberation Army, the Symbionese Liberation Army, the Order, the Klan ... and the techniques law enforcement used to infiltrate these groups.  (Which I'm glad they did.)  These tecnhiques are likely to be used against us -- already have been, no doubt.


The key takeaway is: if your group gets to any reasonable size, and has any public presence -- which it should -- it will attract an informant.  No matter how good your backgrounds checks are  (and there ought to be national militia service for doing this), all you will do is weed out the obvious psychos and people with criminal records.  So you MUST assume you are infiltrated, and therefore  (1) BE AWARE OF WHAT YOU SAY AND WRITE.  Some people can get rather over-wrought by developments and say things that they will wish they had not said later.  We could use someone with good legal skills to spell this out in detail at some point.  (2)  Although if the FBI is involved, you probably won't be able to hide your members' identities.  But some simple precautions should make it possible to conceal them from 'private' infiltrators, say, people from Anti-Fa who will want to 'dox' us, make people lose their jobs, etc.  So a militia group ought to be on a first-name basis.  And any formal records with things like home addresses need to be kept especially secure -- not on the hard disc of a machine which is online, for example, but encrypted and kept on an SD card which is loaded when it's needed and otherwise kept  off line.  I'm sure more could be said about this area.


One point: a 'normal' member can be turned by being tricked into doing something illegal: so if someone in your group offers to sell you a machine gun, or plastic explosives,  or says if you'll shorten the barrel of that shotgun you own he'll buy it for double its value (that's how they trapped Randy Weaver), you are almost certainly talking to an informant.  And if you know enough about the private lives of your fellow militia members, be careful of someone who is in financial trouble -- that will make them vulnerable to an approach to turn informer, for money.


All this sort of stuff will be written up soon, with contributions from others.



You can get a lot further in life with a kind word and a gun, than with a kind word alone.

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