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Western Civilization in Peril

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The war against White Western civilization continues. Mr. Jared Taylor warns the Whites of upcoming horrors if we fail to unite and fight!!!!


YouTube video link below


You Have a Duty


For those that like reading:


Never underestimate the immense power of corporate propaganda machines. Broadcasting and print. Entertainment industries with highly-paid lackeys spewing messages promoting diversity and multiculturalism and behaviors not conducive to the continuance of a civil society.

Television vomits a constant stream of content that promotes diversity and multiculturalism... anything to dilute that which creates our Western ways of life. Politicians serving their true masters... not the voters...NO!!! Observe departing USA presidents. AFTER leaving office, if they behaved properly while serving, huge LEGAL rewards make them and their entire family multi-millionaires who never have to live or work among the despised common folks again.

Even advertising promotes agendas intent upon destroying Western people, societies, countries and all of Western civilization. In the USA I regularly hear mention of horrid TV advertising actively promoting diversity and multiculturalism while touting the product. There are many other indoctrination/brainwashing efforts constantly bombarding us. Youth are especially susceptible to these unrelenting attacks. Even the educational systems are used to create White self-loathing.

The attacks are real and unrelenting. Enormously wealthy and powerful forces are attacking us. Prepare, patriots. Encourage law enforcement and the military to be loyal to We, the People, not the evil minority within that currently holds massive wealth thus power.

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