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You Need to Learn to Use a Tourniquet ~ VIDEOS

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You Need to Learn to Use a Tourniquet ~ VIDEOS
RATS Tourniquet

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Tourniquets are a simple but very import tool and skill that you need to have in your range bag, be able to understand their correct use and practice how to apply them effectively as they can save lives including your own.
RATS Tourniquet Application


Here is a selection of great videos that give you a range of instructions on applying and using a Tourniquets. Then visit our friends at My Medic providers of some of the best Tourniquets on the market.





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At risk of starting a pissing contest I want to point out the RATS failed to make the list of TCCC Recommended TQ by failing several key requirements - I'l try and post the documentation once I get to the other side of the firewall 


This isn't to say the RATS is bad just that there are several evidence based devices that are 'better' 


Skuze me while I seek cover and concealment 

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