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Getting on Line

Now we start getting into the more advanced tactics. Keep in mind that none of this will work if your team doesn't follow orders, so ensure that your men are on the same page in that regard. Discipline is key to the success of any fluid team. Taking command under fire can only be done successfully if the team has the discipline not to lose their cool in the heat of the moment.

Formations are key to squad cohesion. Formations allow your team to move forward or hold in a manner that will provide the most security. The proper formation will allow you to react to enemy contact in the most effective way possible, but as I've previously stated, this all comes down to discipline and squad cohesion.

The two basic squad movement formations are the File and Wedge. You're likely familiar with the File. You see it every time you go to the movies, and a SWAT team or military unit is moving in a single file line. This formation provides excellent flank security, but the point man and the person taking up the rear are the most at risk when it comes to contact with the enemy. This is also a good formation when there is thick brush in the area, though it can be used in any number of environments.

The other movement formation is the wedge. This formation requires that a fire team form a 'V' shape as they advance forward. Ideally, a second fire team will follow behind, also in wedge formation. The rear security of this formation is minimal, but the front and flank security are solid.

If your squad should master any movement formation, it should be the line formation. Your squad should instantly fall into a line formation when you encounter enemy contact.


Getting On Line facing towards the enemy will allow the squad leader to assess the situation and issue orders to the squad. This type of reaction to enemy contact will allow the squad captain to issue commands to everyone because they're all in close proximity. It brings a measure of order to a chaotic situation. Now your squad can either attack or break contact. Of course, this decision falls upon the orders of the squad captain.

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