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RDF final report, 1/19/2020

Ideological Gambler

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Ideological Gambler


Pre event report, Richmond Virginia
Finalised January 19th 2020
Compiled by RDF TF Lee, 855th Troop Command Element, Charlie CO. 3rd RDF Division, Abel CO. 1st RDF Division
Distributed by RDF 5th Division HQ (Electronically), 855th TCE ( Platoon HQ elements)

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has issued a State of Emergency from Friday the 17th to Tuesday the 21st, which Bans guns from the grounds and buildings in anticipation for the 2A Rally. Capitol Police have stated that legally they can only ban from the buildings but must comply with the state of emergency or risk being defunded and or replaced in their jobs. Overzealous arrests have been made already and it is advised to be prepared for ‘pre-emptive arrests’ of anyone seeming to be a leader who is not a speaker. Local, state and Federal Law enforcement are expected to be out in force and reserves on stand by, most in Riot gear and K-9 units will be on hand. It is un-confirmed but local National Guard units may be on stand by for riot control operations and to provide medical care.


The grounds of the rally will be secured with only one entrance with fourteen metal detectors in order to help shorten the time it takes to enter the grounds. There will be multiple exits however it is unsure how quickly one can exit the area. There are reports of State Police possibly operating dump trucks with sand in the beds to disrupt traffic flow, possibly to be blamed on militia groups. There have been no sightings of UN forces, gear, movement or vehicles so far. Participant cap within the perimeter is set at ten thousand and will be enforced by a mix of Capitol Police and federal personnel.


Three thousand to eighteen thousand Antifa are expected to be in Richmond, Twelve busses have been chartered however the groups website claims that any and all should stay away from the capital district. Conflicting reports state that either they will violently counter-protest, including staging a false flag attack against black block Antifa from activists poorly disguised as Patriots, or march in solidarity. Triple crossings beer hall is storing tactical gear in their inventory space and has had more Antifa traffic over the last 48 hours, We believe that this location is one of many holding supplies but the information is unclear. 1% Motorcycle clubs may be present but this has not ben reliably confirmed.

TF Lee is standing by with platoons spread across the commonwealth, Based in the following counties: Sussex, Lee, Highland, Fairfax, Page, and Prince George. A medical detachment will be in Union hill waiting for a runner from near the capitol grounds, with six runners spread throughout the Capitol district at varying distances from the rally. 

After Action Reports will be Distributed on 1/22/2020. Distribution is open for all.

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Ideological Gambler

Please feel free to copy/paste or share with anyone you know is going to the rally. I will not say how to find the medical detachment due to safety concerns, but look for 4-9 people with identical but non military backpacks near cafes. For safety they will be posing as college students from the nearby University but will break their cover when presented with a casualty or they see injured on the street. We believe the dump trucks would be spilling their cargo on specific road ways, but the trucks are a rumor that we have not been able to reliably confirm nor deny.



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