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For those not going to Virginia...

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For those of us who are in distant states finding ourselves unable to attend the rally in VA on the 20th, it is important for you to remain prepared in your location as well.  If you have not already - get your gear in order - Especially if you live in a blue state near a large population center.  Any time there is potential for social unrest in one area... riots and other activities can break out in other areas.  


While it is our hope for peaceful resolution tomorrow... a false flag could trigger other chaotic and destructive events in other locations.  The Socialists and Communists have networks across the country that can be mobilized to do anything from clogging up traffic on your commute Tuesday morning to smashing store-fronts, looting, and burning vehicles in the streets.  


Is it likely that this could happen?  I cannot say one way or another.  It is in the realm of possibility.  There are always individuals looking for an opportunity.  As some in the Socialist crowd like to say... you never let a serious crisis go to waste.


Keep an eye out folks.  Be on your toes in case the worst happens.  Pray for peace and hope for the best.  

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My guess -- just a guess -- is that riots in the streets, etc. is anticipating things by a few years.  Eventually, yes.


Here's why I think that: right now, they're winning, by ordinary means.  They, or their leaders, are not stupid.  Riots would actually be a good thing for us, because it would vindicate what we've been saying .... we would see a big upsurge in recruitment  (assuming the militia units are nimble enough to take advantage of events).


But we'll see.


What we ought to be thinking about next is how we can take advantage of this demonstration, if it comes off successfully.  A large peaceful, or mainly peaceful, demonstration will be big news. It will be the focus of conversation for a few days.


So on Tuesday, every militia unit should activate its propaganda unit. (What???? Don't have one??? Oi vey.  Read your Mao on Guerilla Warfare, in the translation made by that Marine general in 1940: note that Mao assigns 10 PR officers to every batallion.) 


For instance, it would be a great idea for every militia unit to schedule a public meeting for sometime in the next two weeks:  "Who are the Militia? What do they want?" and go all out to publicize it. You're bound to get new people turning up, even if only out of curiousity.  Invite them to a weekend training event, or to a social event. 


We've got to learn how to take advantage of events, how to quickly respond to opportunities, knowing when to push forward, and when to go into maintenance mode.  (For example, right after a maniac has machine-gunned fifty kindergartners might not be the best time to schedule a talk on the Second Amendment. But right after a big riot in which ordinary people were dragged from their cars and beaten to death, would be.)

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You can get a lot further in life with a kind word and a gun, than with a kind word alone.

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 If shots are fired (and we hope they aren't) within 24-48 hours Mom's Demand Action, BLM, March for our Lives, student groups from area schools and universities, and so forth will be out on the streets shouting and dressed funny at a minimum.  Again, these 'events' generally happen in bigger population centers where they can get better media coverage.  The leftist media is already priming the reaction by talking about Neo-Nazi's, White Supremacists, and bringing up Charlottesville. Every time a white man discharges a firearm the numerous Soros funded groups are ready to go with pre-made signs and slogans the next day. 





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