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Seeking Entry Level, Advanced Programming - JavaEE, C/C++, Gaming Developer and Partnership

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I am seeking anyone willing to team up for a software project I have underway already in JavaEE.  It's a basic content management system.  This will also involve several plugins for the corporate website, multimedia video like Automated Web Hosting, Virtual Hosting, YouTube, Social Media Site, Search Engine, Web Browser and Merchant Processor Plugins.  This is already underway, uses Tomcat.  Ultimately the assistance is unpaid.  Will be focused on the automated web hosting, Neural Network and Targeting the Neural Net on Forex with a pre-production and then production AI that does the trading thru REST.  The web hosting will be a automated process utilizing a merchant processor I have been with for 2 years running.  All linux, with php, tomcat 9, kvm, bind, javascrip, cdi, html. The search engine will be for searching terms using a web browser targeting all Android platforms, PC's, very much like Chrome.  We will branch into developing a site like YouTube, Facebook, much better then GAB, and to avoid licensing that Oracle is clamping down on with big tech, will be utilizing OpenJDK.  I am willing to train in more advanced topics and once I have established your capabilities, good decision making, moral character, I am seeking to establish a board as profits increase of 11 people.  This is the phase one money maker and will be the base income generator.


Phase 2, multimedia development.  There is Unity, Unreal, CryEngine, Substance, Adobe Creative Cloud.  We will begin production in a cross platform with GNU C/C++ on a complete kit that incorporates all modern GUI platforms a full rendering engine capable of developing suites like Photoshop, Substance, Speed Tree, Blender, for the purpose of developing in current game engines.  Will focus on adding on a complete C/C++ Neural Net AI, establishing a 3D Gaming Studio for the purpose of developing cutting edge games.  As we succeed, we will branch into 3D Game Engine Development.  The Engine will include Sound Creation, Voice Synthesis with tone inflection utilizing the Neural Net to analyze voice patterns for the purpose of creating any kind of voice in game without the need for actors.  Special Effects utilizing our graphics programs.


Phase 3, with all the above in place, we will branch into other states, each company will be under the same umbrella but incorporate a board of eleven people elected by the people.  As we put one branch in each state and develop new and exciting technologies, and with company transparency in each quarter, we will then use the money to fund militias as was intended so they are well armed and regulated.  The way big tech has gotten in so much control is thru corporations.  Very little red tape.  We can all do the same.  A LLC has the same potential but is not publicly traded on the Stock Exchange, however, it can be converted.  What is not known is that the entire company can be put in the hands of the people thru legal process and paper work so each states board is elected.  With well regulated militias in place, the branches can be used to address the problems of the people and provide a centralized location in each state that keeps the government in check in the future since it will be owned by the people, fund the peoples militias, mercenaries and with each branch in each state having it's own board elected by the people, this forms a idea brought to me called, "The Peoples Branch".  This will ensure technology is placed in the hands of people, never to be centralized again, push big tech out of business, form a strong financial back bone, ensure integrity of elected officials.


Phase 4, invest in people, businesses, provide business starting scholarships with oversight.  Develop new technologies, enter into scientific fields, open up new stores that push Wal Mart, Best Buy, and other corporate entities that people shop with out of business.  Providing subsidies for businesses to grow, commandeering micro-processing, technologies that provide communications with little to no EM impact on the body, entering into space fields but owned by the people.  With the government in check permanently, and insurance that if one branch goes bad it's surrounded by others that are not, it provides a capitalistic, people owned basis to keep the government permanently in check, and these things never happen again.  


I will personally ensure the events of today are built into the corporate charter and the goal of the company is for the people and addressing with government, having the funds and availability to ensure enforcement against government tyranny if needed, never happen again.  It's been a design in progress, but it is a very good solution and insurance against corruption in the future.


Here is the deal, lots of work.  This is not instant fix.  It is a solution derived.  The power is with people.  These are not short term, projections I have done go out about 20 years.  Any developers wishing to begin the process with me, send a email to [email protected]


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