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Russian Plash Palatka Poncho/Tent

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I am trying to put together a 24-72 hour pack.  I have a Russian Versmeshuk (potato sack) backpack.  It is great but not large.  I keep going back and forth on the Russian Plash Palatka, the Russian poncho which you can make into a shelter (like a half clam shell).  




Bushcrafters use these next to a fire since they are hard to burn with flying embers.  But at 6x6 ft., these are small shelters with no bottom as in conventional tents.  Nevertheless, guys use them in the winter in Russia today.  What do you think?  Is this usable in cold, say 32-22 F. conditions next to a fire?  Or should I go with a homemade tube ten out of an 8X8 ft. nylon tarp?  


Anyone ever used one of these?  Give me your thoughts.

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