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Kansas Second Amendment Sanctuary Information


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Second Amendment sanctuary, also known as a gun sanctuary, refers to states, counties, or localities in the United States that have adopted laws or resolutions to prohibit or impede the enforcement of certain gun control measures perceived as violative of the Second Amendment such as universal gun background checks, high capacity magazine bans, assault weapon bans, red flag laws, etc.


States and counties that have passed Second Amendment sanctuary laws or resolutions as of January 19, 2020: ENTIRE STATE

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Unlike other states does not the Kansas Constitution have pretty strong language to keep such laws from being enacted?


§ 4. Individual  right  to  bear  arms;  armies. A  person  has  the  right  to  keep  and  bear  arms  for the  defense  of  self,  family,  home  and  state,  for lawful  hunting  and  recreational  use,  and  for  any other  lawful  purpose;  but  standing  armies,  in  time of  peace,  are  dangerous  to  liberty,  and  shall  not  be tolerated,  and  the  military  shall  be  in  strict  subordination  to  the civil  power. History: Adopted  by  convention,  July  29, 1859; ratified  by  electors, Oct. 4,  1859;  L. 1861,  p. 48;  L.  2009, ch. 152, § 1; Nov.  2, 2010.

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Ideological Gambler

Paramilitary and militia forces do not count as military unless authorised by the state or acting in insurrection. Also the 2A law protects all firearms made in and not leaving the state of Kansas. If the firearm leaves the state at all it is no longer protected.

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