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Barbarians at the Gate

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“Latin American migrants eager to enter the United States but held in Mexico are praying for President Trump’s election defeat in 2020, believing that a Democratic president will open the borders again.”


Scum parasites could have headed for ANY country in walking/riding distance. The parasites could have headed for ANY Central or South American country with a culture FAR MORE similar to their cesspool home country than what is found in the USA. However… the parasites know where the hand-outs exist.


Illegal immigrants blocked at border pray for Trump’s defeat, ‘I want Trump out’


Patriots, my typical input links directly to where I saw the information source. I made an exception here. The link above leads to one of my blogs covering topics of this type. In the header at the page top are links to other parts of the blog. One of thee links is seen below:


Militias, Preppers, Survivalists etc

On that page are links I collect as I wander the Web. One of the links is to THIS SITE!!!!   YAY!!!!!  Free advertising. And placed in a location where it will not be viewed as spam. Proper placement is important to avoid putting this site in a bad light. Some sites with commenting/message boards allow "signatures" where a link to MyMilitia can be placed. That typically does not create discord but if it does simply remove it. Use common sense when placing a link to MyMilitia. If battling the enemy on enemy ground consider carefully the appropriateness of placing a link to MyMilitia in enemy territory.  Look at some of the listed sites in my blog and maybe they would be appropriate places for a visitor to make a brief mention of MyMilitia or leave an comment appropriate to the current topic being discussed and simply place a link (or URL to MyMilitia if that site's software does not automatically create a clickable link out of a URL) at the bottom of your comment.


Sometimes placing the URL within your comment can be done and be less intrusive than a stand-alone URL. Sometimes a comment can be immersed in a comment/reply/statement/etc and have continuity with the input so as to seem natural. Generally, avoid appearing as a spammer and being present only to place a URL. Regulars at that site may become offended and shun MyMilitia.


Enough of that. Web pros already know this stuff. Eagerly awaiting news from Richmond, VA this Monday Jan. 20, 2020. Hoping all goes smoothly and that no opportunities arise that assist the evil corporate-operated elite-owned tyrannical media with putting patriots in a bad light. Hope Soros' Antifa and other lackeys stay home and the no black-flag operations occur since those can be hard to expose... especially with the media not wanting to expose those fiendish deeds done by traitors to the Founder's creation.


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