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According to Snopes...

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Well, according to the fact checkers (lady with a cat) at Snopes... that Antifa groups were planning to attend the VCDL rally was a hoax spread by Conspiracy Theorists. 




This does raise a question though... why didn't Antifa show up?  We could say they were scared and call it a day. But, I don't think Antifa does much of anything under their own volition... I suspect their handlers called them off.  The reason for that is worth pondering.  

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I tend to agree. This is a trick of sorts, kind of like a opossum that plays dead. They (the handlers) are waiting for the right time to let their lackeys to make a move. It wouldnt have surprised me if the antifa members that were there were simply retconning who showed up and maybe? Try stuff on individuals that attended at a later date. I might be crazy thinking all of this but why else would they miss a good chance to cause some type of chaos?

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Snopes is a couple from the 60's generation that post everything against the liberal movement or new world order is not true or part of a conspiracy theory with little if no fact checking or facts to back it up.  I wouldn't believe anything posted on Snopes unless they had a link to a "reliable" source to back it up.  Oh, and the SPLC is not a reliable source!!!

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