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Matt In West Virginia

Tens Of Thousands Of Gun Owners Protest In Va:

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Tucker Carlson Tonight  

This morning, thousands of Virginians marched peacefully at the state Capitol to protest an attack on their gun rights. Under some circumstances, a demonstration to protect the Constitution would be considered virtuous. “Civil disobedience,” they often tell us. “It’s what democracy’s supposed to look like.” But needless to say, they don’t really mean it. Instead of congratulating the protesters, the left suggested they were engaged in a form of terrorism.

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12 hours ago, LetFreedomRing said:

Looks like Matt is rested up from his trip yesterday.  ?  Thank you sir!  ?


I am beginning to feel human again, lol. You're very welcome. It was one hell of an honor to be there in the midst of that. I didn't know my chest had that much swell left in it. I was so proud of what I saw there... so proud... Watching those guys and gals in full battle gear marching from one point to the other, stopping like a mama bear to observe, looking for threats and protecting us... THEIR people... The militias had our backs that day... against ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC, if there were any there. Our guys weren't playing neither. It wasn't a show. I watched them closely. They were detailing the crowd... They were there for US. This was some serious guard duty to them... and I felt as safe as a bear cub on momma's tit.


10 hours ago, fixer said:

well done Matt!

Thank you, Chad... I have a bit to do to up my abilities... but they are things I can do. I really think I'd enjoy doing more of this so I'm going to set about preparing to do so in a better and improved way. It'll be a bit of a process... But I don't mind the process as long as there is a worthy purpose. What could be any more worthy than this? 

I'm used to the mountains... but I guess I'll have to come out of them here and there for a while to come.

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