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Guest Post: Reflections on the Richmond Rally, by Historian

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Guest Post: Reflections on the Richmond Rally, by Historian

Posted by NC Scout | Jan 22, 2020



Coming from my friend and a man whose opinion I strongly value, is an assessment of Richmond from the ground level as well as a historical parallel to the Troubles in Ireland. I disagree quite strongly regarding any tangible goal that was attained by this rally, not that it matters, have been less than impressed by anyone touting themselves present, and am perplexed at the continued analog drawn between a fundamental right to be armed against a government infested by Leftists who openly admit they want us in gulags and the civil rights movement of the 60s. One found a willing and receptive audience, the other, futile cries falling on deaf ears. They purposefully did not meet you with force, this time, and for a reason. You were a goldmine of data.

Further, the awareness and technological impact of AI on human terrain mapping may very well have rendered many attempts at organization useless in the coming months with the laws enabling it so; the impact of which cannot be known, because the most ignorant are too busy shouting victory the loudest. We shall see, but the way Governor Northam went about the leadup to the event signaled much to those of us who have experience in targeting insurgent groups. There’s a reason they’re pushing the red flag law first. As I pointed out yesterday, all they need is the mid-level leadership.

Do you honestly believe the Left didn’t learn how to counter their own rise to power?

I promised you my thoughts on the Richmond rally, and here they are:




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Thanks for this post. This was in an indirect way a point i was aiming at yesterday on a separate thread about this very thing. I am glad that someone with more of a concise way of explaining it has stepped forward with this.

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