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A note on publicizing this site on YouTube

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Some of us got onto YouTube several days before the rally in Virginia, and posted brief comments that included the URL of this website, urging people to come to it to find out more.


I hope it got us some more members.


But ... I discovered that some video sites -- mainly the ones where the video was made by the mainstream media, like CBS ... automatically blocked out the URL.


So next imte, here is how to put in  MyMilita.com   ... so that it doesn't get obliterated by @@@ symbols:  Here is the 'After Action' message I've been posting on reports on the rally ... (wish I had done this yesterday or Monday afternoon, by the way ...not quick enough off the mark):


"Wonderful!!!  The Mainstream Media were salivating in hopes of being able to portray this as  a rally of white nationalists foaming at the mouth.
 And instead ... ha ha, they had to go to bed without their supper.  
Come and gloat with us over at M Y M I L I T I A  dot  C O M    .... and  let's be prepared to do this again whenever and wherever it's necessary."


They will probably find a way to detect this and block it, but for the moment it seems to be holding.


In general, can I urge everyone who wants to build this site to be on the lookout for opportunities to do something like this, and to come here right away and alert us all to the opportunity.  If even half a dozen people spend an hour or some trawling through YouTube videos (or similar things) we might be able to recruit another hundred people.

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Author of the topic Posted

We need to find forums and websites with comments (like YouTube videos) and leave a comment with the site URL.

YouTube is a never-ending source of fruitful places to comment and mention this site.

You just Google 'YouTube', it comes up, and then into the search bar you type a likely word or phrase ... for example "Prepping" or "guns" or "Second Amendment" or "Social Justice" or "anti-Fa" or "Proud Boys"  "Jordan Peterson"  "Ben Shapiro"  etc etc etc.


And then you'll get a list of likely videos.


Click on each like one in turn  (some won't be relevant, so that "Civil war" will bring up videos on the "second civil war" and "Is American heading towards  another Civil War", but also ones on the first civil war.  Nothing wrong with adding a comment to the latter, I suppose, but it's people who are interested in possibility of a second civil war that we want to reach).


Then, if it's a video by a Good Guy, click on 'Like' and maybe 'Subscribe', and then put a comment into the Comments section: my comment is usually something like "We've got to get organized!  Come to MyMilitia.com to find out how, and to locate like-minded people near you."

It takes up just one like, is almost always relevant, and offers a benefit for clicking.


If we had three or four people doing this for half an hour a day,  a couple of days a week, I'll bet we could bring in a steady flow of  .... I don't know how many people a week.  Of course, at some point we would hit 'saturation', as all the people who might be interested would already have seen the message, but .. some of these videos have hundreds of thousands of viewers, and thousands of comments.  If you get to the video early -- which is best, before lots o f people have seen it who won't revisit it -- your comment eventually gets pushed down under others ... and people who look at comments (and many comments themselves are commented on) probably don't scroll down beyond a dozen or two.  So it's good to either come back in a couple of days, or for someone else with a slightly differently worded message, but with our URL, to add a comment.


Marketers know there is a 'bandwagon effect'.. If someone sees just one person with the 'come to MyMilitia.com' comment, they may or may not do it.  But if they see this comment several times, by several different people ... they are much more likely to do it.  It's why advertisers buy several days' time in a row on a program that they know has regular watchers who watch it Monday through Friday. They know that if the person watchng the program and the advertisement sees it just once, they will probably not respond.  But after four our five days ... much more likely.

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