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A course of interest to militia members - dealing with active shooters

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While following up on the Richmond rally, seeing if I could get email addresses for attendees whose names were mentioned  to invite them to this website, I came across this:




Shelby County Sheriff's Office - Ohio
January 13 at 12:51 AM ·

555 Gearhart Road
Sidney, Ohio 45365
Sheriff John Lenhart 937-498-1111

Press Release

Since 1999, there have been 18 active shooter situations in churches across the United States. It has become vital in the past few years that we have to protect ourselves even in times of worship. The past church shooting has brought this topic to the forefront, when a retired FBI agent saved many in his place of worship. Had it not been for the fact he was carrying a concealed weapon, many more, than what did, would have perished at the hands of the active shooter.

We have received many calls from local churches asking if there was anything, we could do to help local congregations. With this in mind, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office will prepare to offer the same training as what we offer in many of our school districts. We will offer to train any members of a church in our PARATUS training.

PARATUS is a 16-hour course that will train a subject in weapons handling and shooting, which will qualify them to obtain their CCW. The training will include advance-shooting techniques, 8-hour classroom, and 8 hours of range time. The classroom portion will also include tactics, gunshot first aid, and legal requirements.

We will also help a congregation prepare a readiness evaluation, training, and drills, and develop policies and procedures. After the training, we will continue to support with range time, training of new members and preparing security evaluations.

If any congregation is interested, please contact Chief Deputy Jim Frye at 937-494-2117/ [email protected] Once we have enough participation we will schedule the dates and times for the classes.

John Lenhart

Shelby County Sheriff’s Office



This might be something that militia members in Ohio might want to look into -- perhaps via their church, if they have one. Or their friends and relatives might be eligible to join this course.  Note that it includes 'gunshot first aid', which means that this course might be worth attending, even if you already have a CCW.  Also -- you might meet potential recruits there.  


Other sheriff's or police departments elsewhere might have similar courses. It could be worth looking into.


A final note: friendly continuing contact with pro-2A policemen and sheriffs is important.  (I found this site by tracking down a deputy sheriff who attended the rally in Richmond.)  It might be possible for a local militia unit -- informally -- to offer to help out with courses like this. Not necessarily as instructors, but just doing things like providing a lift to people who want to attend but don't have transportation, or posting notices of the course around, etc.

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