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U.S. Marshal Subversives

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     I seldom mention the United States Marshals, but they have had/have a faction which can be counted just as bad, if not worse, as the corrupt elements of the CIA, FBI and other, even more hidden intelligence agencies.

     What I see signs of having sprang back up is a repeat of what occurred during the nineties, which the FBI did actually remedy the best it could, to their credit.

     There were several rogues from the Marshals' protection division who, in collusion with some CIA rogues, were unnecessarily placing (coercing, pressuring, forcing) witnesses to extreme corruption by cops and informants, into the protection program, having manufactured an environment of danger to begin with.

     This was as an alternative to murdering them. I, and several FBI agents have, over the years, not only spoken with a number of those victims, but have gotten some out of the clutches of the unjust, usually completely free of needing protection.

     It appears to have came back to life, and the real catch-22 is, just what are they hiding? This question can be asked in view of the fact that the corruption could have been successfully dealt with. Hoener and Blackjack, with the aid of myself and others, had that end easily obtainable, but it was thwarted.

     Interestingly, the Wabash County Sheriff's Dept. has, for years, worked much more closely with the Marshals than they ever did with the FBI, and has become secretive to the extreme (as of the end of Bob Land's term). Plus, key corruption in Wabash County has never been remedied, including undue interaction with the mafia by public officials.

     I have beefs against the FBI, but I will assert that I will always be proud of their endeavors during the 90s on that.

     I am pretty sure that the mafia and rogues in Wabash County have undermined good things (that part is quite verified) and made the FBI look worse than it sometimes or often is.

     Those bad eggs were/are part of a group masquerading as militia people, who are the real provocateurs, and make true Patriots look bad.

Edited by Todd A. Slee
Foresighted Hindsight
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     I might as well note, that in 1994, while in touch with the U.S. Dept. of State, per their orders, after I told them that my FBI superior was hiding most of my reports at home, after a time, the State Dept. told me they obtained copues of all of them, via a "black bag" job by U.S. Navy Seals. So, the feds and cops can lie all they want, but their big boss is well aware; they keep tabs.

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