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This is the original, Corona virus and at least some taxonomy.




The weaponized is a cross with the original, reptile elements with regenerative properties and this adjutant is the key to weaponizing it I believe.


I have some actual numbers across the U.S. I was able to gather as servers were being taken down last night.  I am asking people to get actual information across the U.S. not web based because dis-information is huge.  


Allow me to explain adjutant.  A adjutant is the equivalent of antagonists in chemistry.  It is used to accelerate or increase the effectiveness of a chemical reaction or vaccine.  Please note, the WHO put out 20 hours of video identifying a adjutant in the vaccines killing people across the world but NO DATA.


Please note, the worse vaccine noted to date and it's effects was the HPV.  Any information on this adjutant, I am asking for it.  I believe the reason no DATA is present is because they have been perfecting the adjutant to accelerate the regenerative properties of this virus in the reptilian cross.  This fits with the recent release of these living robots at the micro level that is crossed with Frog DNA.  In short, the vaccines and all the deaths have been about perfecting this adjutant to weaponize this virus, and the lack of DATA is because the data would have shown in advance the adjutant was not healthy but detrimental and shown the obvious it was being perfected to weaponize.


You may watch the footage released by the WHO in regards to this at banned.video  I did not have the ability to obtain the full 20 hours so anyone with the full 20 hours of video, I'd appreciate a copy via DVD sent to me.  Thanks.


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