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Second Amendment Sanctuary

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Second Amendment sanctuary, also known as a gun sanctuary, refers to states, counties, or localities in the United States that have adopted laws or resolutions to prohibit or impede the enforcement of certain gun control measures that are violative of the Second Amendment.


My Militia will attempt to keep you updated in efforts that are taking place in your areas. we have created a New Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AAsanctuary 


The links below will take you to the Second Amendment Sanctuary threads in the state networks, if you have new information or an update please post about it...




New Hampshire 
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota 

Rhode Island
South Carolina 
South Dakota 
West Virginia


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@ fixer , So, "Second Amendment sanctuaries" are counties where the police "promise" that they are going to NOT enforce gun grabbing?? How about anything ELSE Second Amendment?? I can trust a cop as far as I can throw one..... They can be lying to you telling you what you want to hear. And, even so, ok, so, "no" gun grabbing. Ok. Cool. But how about OPEN carrying?? Will they allow you to do THAT, or is it just taking away guns?? DON'T think that you are safe in these "sanctuaries." Just don't. Because you're NOT!! Just an fyi. 

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On 1/24/2020 at 8:43 PM, VRDF said:

I think you are misunderstanding the situation. 


The sanctuary movement isn’t a promise between local authorities and the people. 

Its a soft assertion of rejecting the authority of the State in requiring the enforcement of unconstitutional laws.


Its a positive thing to see local governments actively standing up and not willing to comply. 

Next we are going to need to see local governments create " Sanctuary Constitutional Laws ".


A Law stating that they will not create laws to circumvent or impede /chip away at the constitution of the USA.


This is how asinine everything is getting, If we really have to create " Second Amendment Sanctuaries " then wtf is the Constitution it self even really worth any more.

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The only war this shit storm is going to stop is if We The People, start standing up and Making the politicians that are holding this country hostage, scared of us instead of us fearing them and their forced, TYRANNICAL, socialist government they have already started implementing! All politicians that have been in office more than 2 terms are self serving and have sold their souls for the almighty dollar! Until we make them fear the cold steel and hot lead and tar and feathers and the gallows like they once did, nothing is going to change! Period. We are all kidding ourselves if we don't think a civil war is running headlong into us, and we all had better stand up and fight for our rights or prepare to kneel and bow to a socialist/ communist ruler!

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The idea of these sanctuary cities is good, but realistically , when you get a new President, Governor or Mayor,m etc., that is anti gun and calls for a ban or worse, a ban and confiscation of so called assault rifles and pistols that hold over 10 rounds or an all  out ban on firearms completely, that are owned by civillians, your sanctuaries ate not going to be worth a tinkers damn because their will be some police agencies or law enforcement agencies or private contracted { mercenaries} that will gladly go door to door confiscating and enforcing these unconstitutional laws! When their is money to be made nd power to be had, you can bet your ass that someone is going to take the money and do what they are paid to do! Unless the Patriot groups, militias and gun rights groups start unifying and I mean with an armed army, to be willing to physically stand up and fight and go toe to toe with these people, then we can expect to be disarmed in the very near future! These days you can not trust any politician! They are all corrupt, some less than others, but they still rely on votes to put them in office. They will all bend and implement some kind of gun control in the name of safety! I am a retired law enforcement officer,  Marine Corps Veteran , a Southerner and I was raised up with a firearm in my hands since age 7. I was taught that you never pointed a gun at anything you did not intend to shoot! I hunt for food with my guns and protect my family with my guns. I know better than anyone that a law enforcement agency 99.9 percent of the time is called after a crime has already been committed and the arriving law enforcement officer can not wave a magic wand and make a shot or stabbed person come back to life or a raped woman or child become un-rapped or a person un-mugged, etc. The problem is the general public do not know and fully understand this! In smaller cities and counties and even states, there are only 10 or way less officers on duty at a time. You divide these people up to the number of people in that state ,county or city and you can plainly see that there is now possible way people are protected by their law enforcement agencies! A complete idiot and fool should be able to see this. I have not in my lifetime ever seen any gun rights group explain this to the public and I have never seen a politician that runs a pro gun political ad show them holding an AR-15 or any type of so called assault rifle , and hunting or target shooting with it! You only see them in a duck blind or in a bird hunting scene holding a shotgun, wearing hunters orange! DO YOU ACTUALLY THINK THESE POLITICIANS HAVE YOUR GUN RIGHTS ISSUES AT HEART? Lets face it, an armed, united force that means business and I am not talking about protesting with empty guns and signs, is all these people are going to understand! Our whole government and political process is out of wack! It is in need of a reboot! We the people, need to put this country back on the track our founding fathers had it on. The train jumped the track at the time of the civil war and our fake history made it all about slavery, which is dead wrong! The civil war was about State Rights! OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! HOLDING OUR REPUBLIC TOGETHER! Yes, Slavery was one of the issues , but not the reason for the war! History books do not tell the truth. The media back then was biased towards the rich and famous just like today ! Look who got rich from that war just like all wars! THE POLITICIANS AND THE RICH! The point I am trying to get across is that we are looking straight into the eyes of another civil war in this country unless we put a stop to it NOW! If we have a civil war, you can bet your ass that Russia and or China is going to invade this country for certain sure!

    It is time to get off our asses and stand up and fight for our CONSTITUTION, our COUNTRY, our GREAT FREE REPUBLIC  and our AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE! If we don't, be prepaired to kneel an bow to a dictator and learn Russian or Chinese! 

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Do you actually believe that? These people do not care on dang bit about being illegal! Look what happened in the impeachment ! OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS do not mean a dang thing to these socialists. Look at all the people that are standing behind them! Hollywood, singers, sports figures, Lawyers, Liberal Teachers and College professors, etc. Bloomberg has just announced he would ask Hillary Clinton to be his running mate and he has openly said he would confiscate assault rifles and pistols and he would be the gun owners worst night mare! If you do not think this can happen, you are living in a false realm of safety! I don't mean to belittle you at all, but I have seen face to face how politics work and have first hand knowledge! I was a State Law Enforcement officer and these people deal with the publics lives like kids trading baseball cards! 

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