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German Panzerfaust

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Was a Panzerfaust commonly used to attack other vehicles besides tanks?
they were, but not only that. The thing about the Panzerfaust is that it was well liked by the troops, extremely well liked. But not necessarily for being a good AT weapon per se. The Panzerfaust had a few drawbacks and was not exactly famed for its excellent accuracy. Quite the contrary. But the benefits far outweighed its disadvantages and the Panzerfaust was well-received nevertheless.

It was comparatively light and still packed a punch. And considering that it was an one-way weapon anyway, you could haul a few around with you without much of a problem. 3 - 4 Panzerfausts? No problem, you can discard your extra weight after using them.

But the main selling point for the infantry was that the Panzerfaust was versatile. You could not only use them to cook tanks and anything else armoured that was unlucky enough to cross your path, but also as an improvised grenade launcher and artillery of the poor man.
German infantry commonly used them for shooting at anything moving beneath the sky except for aircraft. They were used for demolishing walls. They were used for clearing out machine gun nests. And they were used for dispersing attacking infantry. As said, they were versatile and had many uses besides its original anti tank role.
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The Panzerfaust was a simple to produce and use weapon.  Reportedly they were being produced right up to the surrender.  This is a weapon I have recommended people should find out the technical details on and manufacture if/when something would occur like an invasion, civil war, etc...

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