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Embrace the Invading Barbarians then Die

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Brainwashed by globalists and leftists and is there any surprise at the outcome when a Westerner embraces one or more invading barbarian filth?


"A young Finnish women who had made pro-globalist posts on social media was found dead at her apartment as blood flowed under her door, leading to police to open an investigation into a suspected murder case.

Sanni Ovaska, a young woman from Hameenlinna, a city which lies between Helsinki and Tampere, Southern Finland, was allegedly murdered by her migrant boyfriend, according to local reports."


Pro-Migrant Woman Brutally Murdered by Migrant Boyfriend




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Lefty men are often cucks, as the new vocabulary has it.  Weedy and feminized.  So some fellow who has been

fighting with the Taliban probably looks attractive to Leftist women.  He probably doesn't have quite the right

politically-correct opinions about transgenderism etc but women often believe that they can improve their



I don't know what's been happening in Finland, but if their men are becoming de-masculinized, that's a shame...

these guys fought the Russians to a standstill about 80 years ago.  Aren't there any like that left?

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You can get a lot further in life with a kind word and a gun, than with a kind word alone.

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