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     There are yet many alive who were in some valley in Vietnam, having observed a battalion of Vietcong descend from a mountain and form a series of lines on three, maybe even four, sides of your U.S. Military compound.

     How many of those present deducted that the Oriental Army was preparing to throw Ho Chi Min a surprise birthday party? I would say zero. Yet, elements in our government and it's civilian subsidiaries expect us to believe reasonings about activity which is just absurd.

     Anybody who has been in combat arms knows that for every given tactical maneuver, there are only so many reasons for such. Given that, why would our government provide us with reasons for bills, laws and protocols which do not match any sensical thinking?

     Plus, they now have a fairly viable force of people from sixteen years old up to around forty, who were severely indoctrinated by eight years of a hellishly spiritual nightmare a/k/a the Obama presidency. The biggest and worst thing he did was to undermine people's critical thinking ability (see item #1 at https://www.sleesecurity.com/concepts.html).

     Whether it's a military, political, investigative or law enforcement issue, a certain proper protocol and correct methodology accompanies every action.

     Here is an easy to understand example: dept A has 3 parts, and each part has a pallet jack. Jackfor 2 is a narrow one, jacks for 1 and 3 are standard and identical, except jack for 1 is slightly bent and lowers slowly, and rolls harder.

     One Saturday, #1  crew works but nobody else. Mike forgets the jack in the storage area after placing a skid there and going to the break room, returning to his line without it. Larry grabs #2's jack, the narrow one, later on, to use. For Mike's next skid, he uses the narrow jack, seeing their normal jack when he stores that skid. He takes the narrow one back to #2 and returns to storage. He notices #3's jack, and switches it for theirs, since #3's is smoother and lowers faster. It does have the words 'do not remove' written on it, presumably meaning to leave it in the department anywhere, not just #3, at least a good excuse.

     Now, come Monday, Mary comes in to start work in part #3, and notices the wrong pallet jack soon as she goes to use it. It has the right dept written on it, but is not #3's jack.

     She has to figure out where hers is, has time only to retrieve it if it's close, not to hunt for it, and is aware of these factors:

     Only part #1 Dept A worked Saturday, and the right jack was there Friday when she left, end of day shift; second shift worked Friday night, and is good about keeping things in order; there are several depts but theirs is at the end of the building; the dept adjoining theirs has their own equipment and neither takes from the other; Mike and Jim are both nice guys, from dept A part 1, but are both a little bit on the maverick side; Mary knows about the damaged jack for part 1, but nobody ever complains.

     Here is what Mary doesn't know: John, the supervisor, locked the door Saturday morning when he left, after giving instructions, so nobody could enter the building unassisted.

     Given this, there are not many possibilities. You can come up with a couple or three reasonable ones, and a couple of not so sensible ones. Try to think of a couple possibles which make no tactical sense, and how a detractor from the real reason could, with some cover by a shady management employee or two, could push it thru, overriding the real story. Let's also throw in that Mike is favored by one of the shady management people.

     This is one scenario which happens all the time involving truth seekers, the truth and corporatist/Socialist government people.

     Let me know if this makes sense, in the context of explaining what is happening in America.



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.    When you take real life events, or scenarios, which are not real but could be, such as a movie not based upon a particular, real-life event, but could be, analyze methodology, cause and effect, the physical and untangible environment, actions, the offense and subsequent reactions, applied remedies, all factors, just completely, in a clinical way, dissect everything, then you can come up with viable preventative measures, defenses and counter-offensives. 

.    Why this is underlined I don't know. Stupid digital technology ain't always brilliant, and I hate these tiny keyboards and automatic response mechanisms built into these so-called smart phones. 'Bout read to start carrying a pc around instead.

.    Back to the point of government ineptness and corruption, which is making me angrier all the time, maybe we the people should select and hire a bunch of East German Stasi and Russian KGB who want to defect, or maybe who don't, to investigate and prosecute our bad eggs in government. They sure can't screw this country up any worse than our own jackals are doing.

.    Back to seriousness, I need to find some militia people who live in the Chanute, Kansas area. I'm trying to help a victim of some severe police corruption. Sounds like they're setting up a base of operations in a large neighborhood for a drug and prostitution operation, even using teens. The guy living in the midst of it can't get anyone to listen, they're all bogus. I can also be contacted at [email protected], or 2605683021. Thanks.

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