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Liberty Or Death Rally 2020 Rally - URGENT

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Where: Franklin Park 120 W Queen Ave Spokane, WA 99205

Date: April 25, 2020

Time: 11 AM - 2 PM PDT

Latitude: 47.69545 Longitude: -117.44233

Sponsor: John Valle

Website: www.facebook.com/events/945976615751530/

We the people have simply had enough. Our rights have been trampled for over 220 years. Washington state no longer listens to the people. We are no longer the "silent majority", we are awakened and we are LOUD!

We are tired of Washington States UNCONSTITUTIONAL GUN LAWS. WE WILL NOT allow politicians to legislate our rights away.


Sponsored by: APIII Coffee, Praetorian Armory and Coatings, 2A Apparel

We are proud to announce our main Speaker will be Republic, Washington police Chief and Republican candidate for Governor Loren Culp

We are happy to announce Joseph Brumbles, candidate for Lt. Governor will be speaking at Liberty or Death

We are happy to announce that once again, Rep. Matt Shea of the 4th Legislative District will be speaking at Liberty or Death again.

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Join The Mercer County 1st Citizen Task Force-WV HERE at MyMilitia.com for proper networking and communication.
The Facebook Page for The MC1stCTF is HERE.

If you live anywhere within the area code 304 in West Virginia, join the WV-THREE04 here at MYMilitia.com to recieve help and guidance in bolstering your existing unit or starting a new unit! WV has much catching up to do to revitalize our community militias. YOU can be a part of something NEW in West Virginia, no matter your location!


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