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Managing Stress

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Why manage stress? It can exacerbate health issues, increase physical & mental fatigue, make you look & feel old real quick.

A healthy amount of stress can be good, but most of us in this community are probably past that.


I'm going to break it down into 4 sections; sleep, nutrition, fitness, & choices.


1)  sleep - rule of thumb is 6-8 hours. 8+ is imperative in the teen years. this one is the most obvious one, but seems to be the one people put on the back shelf. If you have trouble sleeping, its probably due to an issue in the next three points.


2) nutrition - due to reasons I wont expound upon, our nutrition sucks in today's world. unless you're homesteading & growing everything you eat (and even then, because of soil conditions) you're probably lacking in nutrients. choosing a good supplement regiment is hey, BUT make your choice wisely. most supplements & vitamins on the market today are made in such a way that the absorption rate is poor. there's a handful of products that'll get 90% absorption rate, personally I take the 'life long vitality' pack. our bodies rebuild themselves every ~90 days, what building materials are we giving it.

gut health is has a huge impact as well, probiotics (gut flora) are your friend.


3) fitness - simple cardio & strength training covers allot. do you need to be able to run a marathon, wouldnt hurt. a good measure of this is a bounding exercise (with gear) for 100 yards (a football field), there's your baseline.

if people kept their strength up 80% of people in assisted living wouldn't be there. i'm not saying be a gym rat. you can do strength training & be in the gym as little as 15-30 minutes a day. i'm a stickler for form & avoiding exercises that can mess you up.


4) choice - much of the crap that we stress about we have no control over, let... it... go...

easier said than done, i know, but one has to learn what to be aware of & what to stress about. examples; a utility account that's due, we have control of that. the infringement of the federal government, we have no control over that.

as far as people that your around go, there's 2 sayings you can pick from to say to yourself; "not my farm, not my pigs" or "not my circus, not my monkeys". do not voluntarily try to fix problems that A) your not able to B) are none of your business.


brain traps/downward spirals/bad patterns, one needs to be aware of your thoughts & start controlling them "hunt the good stuff". if you have no experience in doing this... its going to take a while (possibly years) don't get discouraged, & ask for help (its a sign of strength & wisdom to know your limits).


distractions are a tool, but generally over used. if you're 30ish or younger, you probably don't manage stress well because you cant handle being alone with yourself (no electronics, just you & your thoughts). we have a plethora of distractions. distractions can help one get space from an issue & revisit it when fresh, but generally folks use it to never deal with them & thus never gaining the skill-set to control their thoughts.


hopefully this gives the reader some insight & it wasn't too long lol. let me know below what you do to manage stress & what stress has taught you.

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