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I think this episode is getting a lot of publicity, which is wonderful.  It shows ordinary people, the backbone of this country, what the elite really think of them.


We should help it get more.


Here's a link to a very good YouTube video which has the whole episode, very clear speech, plus some intelligent discussion about it:

 Here is the link   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvxygTdDa3M    ..

The link should be posted on every discussion board we can get on.  (And MyMilitia supporters should make a point of finding and signing up to two or three discussion boards ... not necessarily overtly political ones, either: hunting and gun forums are good places to go.


I don't trust Alex Jones and InfoWars ever since the phoney Pizzagate thing -- and before that, the crazy and hurtful nonsense about that school shooting being a hoax.  He's fun to watch, but anything he says, has to be checked from more honest sources.  He's got a living to make, and unfortunately goes over the line sometimes.


But this link ought to convince anyone that liberals, and the media, despise real Americans.


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