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Natural not Bio - Uncertainty Principals

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Dr. Steve Pechinick came out recently and is stating this is not Biological Warfare. This is the results of bats. I agree with him on one aspect, bats can be involved. The uncertainty principal when you have raving mad lunatics involved, is, I have seen two presentations of this virus in varying forms, one engineered and mutated, one not engineered and mutating, so then, is it natural and transmitted by bats, or were bats infected then used as a vector of transmission to cover up a release? This is where you have to resolve, once we get thru this, these lunatics need to go because we all know they are mad, deranged and nobody should be living with the uncertainty of what they may do. What I heard from him today, is, they were able to uncover the g-nom on this in only 24 hours, and can have a vaccine ready and with testing as long as they eliminate parts of the testing, have it out to the public in a few months. But, then you have the uncertainty with the adjuvant, the deaths, the absolute tyranny, confirmed voter theft across the board, secret courts, there has to be a clear and concise understanding at this point these people must be removed, judges mainly, that is for certain. Need to reform the laws, then you have a chance when you actually have real elections and no theft, and these insane, mass murdering people, got to go and that's got to be a united, decisive effort, one man doesn't fix them.


Listened to lots of phone calls today, I have a 14 year police officer and veteran right next door he was called by a service man, who, in fact, was ordered to go to a local store and buy up the food and water with 3 other personnel.  This is being done in various places.  I also heard this confirmed via live radio broadcast phone in by military personnel, confirmed as well.  For those questioning my sources, I live with former veterans, we all have friends still serving, they have friends, word does get around.  I also spent two years around conventional and non-conventional doctors, the last two years working on a project to deal with one type of Cancer.  While I am not credentialed, i am recognized by them thru earned reputation and proving of several papers and production of data on one type of Cancer.  What I discovered does parallel with this recent release of the cure all cancer drug due to begin administrations to terminally ill patients, I just didn't realize the mechanism behind the method I found success with.  Its a common factor in all cancers.


I've been investigating the voter fraud, increased cancer and various medical conditions, things I saw in Iraq that raised suspicion, roughly 10 years, I specialized in communications, classified information systems, I have been in technology and sciences 25 years.  Main sciences are, physics, quantum mechanics, chemistry, and math is a discipline, I finally took up biological and medical sciences about two years ago.  I deplore medical science, biology, but I realized I needed to be complete across the board and with a woman that had two breasts removed and a desire to use my unique abilities in this area, wonderful results.  I just didn't enjoy the first week of descriptions on what her body was doing with the treatment, ack.  Not dinner conversation, but happy for her. 

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