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These contrails are said to be full of who knows what.  I sincerely doubt that.  What they have done is causes panic.  Within 5 minutes of this tweet WHO has announced pandemic.  I’m thinking they will shortly advise quarantine at home.  Wanna guess what comes next?

Get ready boys!  It’s about to start

Solus animarum prima lex 

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Whatever happens, one thing is obvious, and we should be saying it over and over:  the world we live in is unpredictable,  and very bad things can happen. 


No one really likes to believe this, or they believe it will only happen to others. The United States, which is wealthy and powerful and geographically isolated from strong enemies,

has had an easier time of it than many other nations. But we are not immune.


We should cry 'wolf' or 'the sky is falling' because we will rightly be dismissed as kooks.


But a calm, sober 'intelligent pessimism' is in order, and, more to the point, preparation for it should be the concern of every intelligent adult.

You can get a lot further in life with a kind word and a gun, than with a kind word alone.

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