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US media omitting many parts of this horror

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"Adedoja Olaniyi Bah, 32, from Nigeria who luckily travelled to the United States has been given life-sentences on three consecutive times plus 76 years in jail to rot for raping and sodomizing a 13-year-old girl.

Prosecutor recounted the incident happened on July 15 2017.

According to the prosecutor, Adedoja Olaniyi Bah spotted the victim whilst driving, he chased her into the woods near Reserve at Sweetwater Apartments tumbled her down and raped and sodomized her."



Good luck learning the FACTS about this horror at politically correct elite-owned evil tyrannical media outlets!!! The tyrants that control most of the USA media are purposefully omitting information that harms the New World Order those tyrants want to FORCE upon We, the People. Patriots, prepare for revolt!!!



Nigerian Man Chops 3 Live Sentences Plus 76 Years In Jail For Raping And Sodomizing A 13-Year-Old Girl In The U.S

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