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An experiment in funding


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Are we awake? Every day people complain about big government and corporations. We say people do not want the truth. We demand more taxes for the rich less for the poor, yet demonize the homeless.


So what truth? Christians claim they follow Jesus, yet deny His words and insert old testament.

When someone asks for help we direct them to the big government or corporation we just said we hated.


We even send people to a gofundme, page so they can ask for the same help through a third party because we trust a corporation over a person. However, if that person was on a street corner with a cup we might put money in it



Matthew 5:42. Jesus also said ask and ye shall receive. So besides myself, I personally know four people or families in need of various things. I give to them.


So do we truly trust corporations and government after all? What is the truth? Or are we so conditioned that we can not follow Jesus and we can not give to each other because we believe in the lie?


I went on gofundme, and despite sharing it, got zero response. I asked for some to send to venmo account, still nothing. Yet I was told get a job, well I have a job and run a small business. Was directed to government programs and non profits, neither give a dime. I shared with supposed christians and patriots and zip, zilch.


I barely clear 600 a month, yet I tithe and give to others. But am told by those I ask, sorry funds are tight.


The fact is we prefer the lie, we prefer the boot on our neck, we prefer to help keep each other down. And few if any actually follow Jesus.


So until we throw off the yolk and go against the grain, we are not yet truly awake.


So the experiment, share this and send 1 dollar and help me lift 4.  Venmo Susan Dion Sheldon

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