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Advice on Protecting YOurself Against Flu

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 80 000 people died from flu in the US -


True to the  extent 80,000 people had the flu when they died.  A relatively large number of these had other conditions that combined with flu killed them,  A fair number also didn't receive the supportive the would enable them to survive the flu.


Yes people , even healthy ones, can die of the flu but the 80,000 in itself doesn't mean a lot. 


if you don't want to get the flu 


1. stay away from sick people

2. wash your hands 

3. maintain good general health - diet, exercise , get adequate rest all that boring shit 

4. flu shot ?  depending on your general level a paranoia get one or don't 

5. hard liquor - while it actually does nothing to prevent the flu can improve your attitude towards the flu if you do get it 

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