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News Story About Lemp With New Info and Comment Section

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The Facts According to Lemp’s Family:

  1.  The police fired bullets–not a flashbang or anything nonlethal–into the house while the family was sleeping inside.
  2. They fired through Lemp’s bedroom window, specifically, not just at the house in general.  This while he and his girlfriend were asleep.
  3. Nobody inside the house heard the team outside call out to issue any warnings or commands before the police began shooting.
  4. The police seized three rifles and two handguns from the home. The police released a statement later on Thursday said that Lemp was not allowed to own a firearm, but there is no word on who owned the guns that were confiscated, since Lemp lived with his parents.   The statement from police also said that SWAT team was serving a “high-risk” search warrant related to “firearms offenses.”  They didn’t call it a Red Flag or ERPO warrant, however.

This all begs the question of why this warrant HAD to be served at 4:30 am.


Maryland SWAT Team Serving Red Flag Warrant Shoot, Kill 21-Year-Old Man Asleep In His Bed

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We have some important tasks before us:


(1) to get the truth out about Duncan Lemp, and to see that appropriate action is undertaken if it turns out that this was indeed a gross violation of how citizens should be dealt with.  We're still waiting for the police response.


(2) to educate our own ranks -- especially young 'red-pilled' males who are getting pulled into the 'Boogaloo' stuff  and calling themselve 'Boogahajin', that the right response is NOT to hate the police. That's antiFa territor, and is probably being encouraged by Russian trolls. Instead they should join a militia, and enlist in the National Guard.


(3) Educate the police: they're being suckered by the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Centre. As a matter of urgency, every armed patriot group should arrange an immediate meeting with local Law Enforcement and the FBI, for a full and frank discussion of what we're about, and why the SPLC is deliberately lying about us.  We have an opportunity to discredit this filthy organization now, when they are reeling from lawsuits and internal upheaval -- this is the kind of tactical opportunity that sharp commanders are trained to be alert to. Let's take it!


And by the way ... the next time something like this happens to a non-white person, we ought not to be too quick to think they were guilty. Usually, when BLM screams about some guy, it turns out he brought it on himself, or was a bank robber, or was trying to take the policeman's gun away ... but sometimes it was a police over-reaction, and, while these are understandable, given inner-cities reality, all American citizens must have equal protection of the law.

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10 hours ago, Liberty Prime said:

Brilliant move to label yourself the enemy of the people right before a wide scale pandemic that will surely stretch your resources. 

I'm not normally sympathetic to conspiracy theories, but it did occur to me that someone in authority in Maryland, noting the approaching national lockdown, might have thought, "This will be a good time to bury bad news."

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