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The TV ads tell only a tiny part of where dollars go

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Tired of those endless TV ads yet? Those ads fail to state the many other areas where your donations go... including huge salaries for the ones running the charity.


"We reported earlier this year that when former IFCJ head Rabbi Eckstein died, he had fleeced evangelical Christian donors for over $1 billion. He had made it clear that he was more than willing to take this Christian money as long as they didn’t expect anything in return, and it would seem that with the canceling of this evangelical-funded building project that was to serve as a headquarters for Christian tourists that he meant what he said.

The evangelicals don’t have much to show for their tens of millions in donations. They are lead to believe it goes to feeding elderly Jews living in poverty in places like the Ukraine.

Recently, the former CEO of the IFCJ, George Mamo, was forced to resign amid accusations and lawsuits concerning sexual harassment of female employees. Perhaps the new building project in Jerusalem was canceled in anticipation of having to pay out millions to settle this lawsuit. It’s only fitting that ‘well-meaning‘ evangelical dupes may have to foot the bill for Mamo’s malfeasance.

Also, the IFCJ has apparently been accused of stealing money from the credit cards of evangelical Christian donors, despite the fact that the IFCJ raises about $140 million per year courtesy of these misguided evangelicals. That amount of money will feed a lot of elderly Jews and then some."


I devoted a few hours digging into many dozens of Web sites and what I learned repulsed me. Due to the emotion-laden upcoming Easter affair the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews  "charity"  is, again, flooding the TV with their ads. The Rabbi died recently but he lives on in the ads. His daughter took over the HIGH-PAYING job of operating that multi-dimensional charity that does MUCH MORE than what is shown in that misleading ad. I am tempted to label this a scheme and a scam but those subjectively-defined terms though accurate in my view are not accurate for other folks.


Make up your own mind. I do urge folks to do a bit of research before donating. What I found disgusted me.




Evangelical Donors Scammed Of Millions As Charity Cancels $60M Building Project In Israel?




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