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It's upon us.  We will eventually need to rely on one another to weather the storm, together.


are you truly ready? Have you prepared for this and made contingencies?


if there are gaps, please take steps to secure the following:

- water (2 weeks, 1 gallon pp/day)

- food (MREs, Heater Meals, freeze dried camping meals, canned goods)

- 10 C's of survival; 'nuff said

- disinfecting supplies

- clothing to maintain normothermia and weather the elements

- 4 way water key (accessing external commercial sources)

- comms devices

- layers and levels of necessary protection

- family emergency plans and contingencies.


Remember, stay gray. Don't stand out, blend in. Don't draw attention, maintain OPSEC.


if you're not ready, don't have essentials or have the wrong equipment do yourself a favor and get what you need to sustain yourself and your family.


if and when it happens, Link up


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